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I recently got s Macbook and was wondering how to connect it to my 32 inch sony tv. I have the dvi to vga adapter and recently bought an adapter that converts the VGA into RGA adapters + S video (all of which my tv has) When I connect the TV with these components nothing happens. I am curious to know what the next steps are to getting the Macbook to recognize the tv and how to produce an image on my TV. Any input would be helpful

Macbook with intel duo core, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    what plugs do you really have.. that was confusing? This is a Macbook (not pro)?

    First, it could be as simple as going to System Preferences|Displays| and choose to "Detect Display". It may not be recognizing you plugged something in.

    If you want to connect you should probably get the proper Apple mini-dvi adapters to match exactly what your TV has. I use the adapter from mini-DVI-to-DVI with my DVI-ready TV and it works great. They have one adapter for mini-DVI-to-VGA, and one from mini-DVI-to-Svideo. Note that multiple adapters assume you have 100% compatible input when often adapters "cheat" on the actual output side... data and signals are probably not getting thru... your Mac can't recognize the TV as connected.

    If you want to live dangerously, you might try using the mini-to-DVI adapter with a DVI-HDMI cable (single cable, no adapter) and see if that works (HDMI is a legit DVI spec so it should work, it works in reverse for my DVD player to TV connection)
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    What you are doing won't work. You will need to purchase the specific Apple adapter that goes from Mini DVI to Video. It is crucial to use the Apple adapter because it has a ROM inside of it with display driver data loaded on the ROM. When it is plugged into the MacBook, the MacBook recognizes that it will be driving a TV and acts accordingly. Without use of this adapter, the MB has no awareness it is being connected to a TV and so it doesn't offer the right resolution options and signals.