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On my MacPro, Time Machine does not backup the "Local" folder, inside user/music/itunes/album artwork
(i have erased the backup and relaunch Time Machine: same behavior)
(it does however backup the "download" folder which is also in the same folder)

In the "Local" folder are some artwork i have added manually.
I have checked: they are not included inside the song they relate to (the mp3 file)

So the consequence is that if i had to backup after a hard disk crash, i would loose a great number of the art covers I manually added (the ones that are currently in the Local Folder), which is ...bad

This is particularly strange, since the download folder (containing artwork from apple) is backupped

Does anyone have the same problem ?

MacPro 2x2,66 dual core xeon;powerbook G4 17 1,33 Ghz;, Mac OS X (10.5.1)