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I have a new laptop (running Vista) but had all of my iTunes music, videos & games (I thought all of the files but the actual iTunes) on an external drive with my old laptop. I got iTunes to pull in the library of music, videos & games, but not the playlists. Two questions:

- are playlists somewhere "hidden" in the iTunes music folders?
- if I hooked up my iPod (I haven't yet because I want to make sure everything is there) can I pull over the playlists and have them back in my iTunes directory so I can manipulate them? I would hate to recreate all of them.

Thank you in advance.

40 gig color, Windows Vista
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    Playlists, as well as other library information like play counts, ratings, etc., are stored in the iTunes database files. I believe on a Windows machine that would be the .itl (or whatever the exact extension is) file.