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how can i change the itunes default artwork folder? at the moment its in my doc- my music.. can i change it to other disk/folder?

Windows XP Pro
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    As far as I know, the Album Art folder must be in the iTunes folder and the is no way to change this - unless you change the location of the iTunes folder.

    Don't try to move the iTunes folder unless you know what you are doing.
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    changed the itunes music folder in preferences -advanced..
    now it on different disc.. but the artwork folder is still in disc C -my doc. .
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    Changing the location of the iTunes Music folder will not change the location of the Album Artwork folder, that will remain with your library files in the iTunes folder. If that is on your c: drive, that's were the artwork folder will be.

    Artwork is a bit confusing in iTunes because it is stored in two locations. Artwork download from the iTunes store goes in the album artwork folder, but artwork from other sources that you paste into tracks is stored in the music file, so that will be wherever you music files are located.
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    so.. if i will change location of library files -the iTunes folder.. so will the artwork folder will move?
    how do i move the library files ?
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    If I understood you correctly, your desginated iTunes Muisc folder is on another drive now and you do not have an music files in your iTunes folder?

    iTunes is very fussy about music files being moved as it stores the full path.

    Anyway, close iTunes, then COPY the the whole iTunes folder to the new location. I have said copy so you do not disturb your current arrangement until you have the new arrangenment working to your satisfaction.

    Now start iTunes with the shift key held down and when asked to choose a library, navigate to the iTunes folder in the new location and choose iTunes Library.itl.

    Shift key start up creating/choosing a library

    Now because your iTunes folder is not in the standard location you will need to reset your preferences to tell iTunes where your iTunes Music folder is located. The shift key start changes it back to the default which is in the iTunes folder.

    With a little more work we could try and get back the iTunes\iTunes iTunes Music structure back on the external drive, that way the shift key start should work without having to change the preferences.
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    Tnx alot
    The SHIFT thing/ i should do it only once yes?
    it will remember the new folde for the next time?
    tnx for your help