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I am using iPhoto 2.01 on an iMac 10.4.1 and have lost nearly all photos in my library--only a handful (11) remain, over a thousand lost. I don't know how or why this happened. I think it may have happened when trying to change the DESKTOP, but I am not sure. Is there any way to recover the photos? Thanks

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), iPhoto 2.01
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    Using the DESKTOP option in iPhoto wouldn't cause a problem.

    iPhoto is designed to do everything working from the options in the application. Trouble starts when you rummage around or make changes directly to the database - the iPhoto Library Folder.

    Did you do anything to this folder in the pictures or photos home folder?
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    Downloaded 155 photos, clicked delete originals. Chose new smart album. Gave name to album. Clicked create. Name of new album came up on list on left side. But, when I clicked on create the name came up on the list but the photos disappeared and an old album appeared with all the old pictures. I clicked on new name and the name disappeared out of list. Went to edit and clicked undo. The old album reappeared. Where and how can I find my pictures? I am sick about this lose.
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    If you're not using iPhoto 4 or earlier, you'll have a better chance at a relevant answer by reposting your question to the appropriate discussion area.
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    No, I did not do anything to that folder. I just happened to notice the problem with iPhoto when I made this change. At the same time, my trash folder was filled with "recovered files" folders containing multiple documents labeled "ImageCache", each of which having a series of letters and numbers. When I double click these documents, a note saying "The document "ImageCache" cannot be opened with ColorSync Utility" pops up. These are not documents or files that I sent to the trash, and I am wondering if they are somehow related to the problem with iPhoto. I pulled them out of the trash, but I do not know what to do with them or if they are even related.
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    Help... iPhoto hangs... Photos do not appear (just outlines) or open. Messages: Unreadable files.
    I recently did a re-install (Tiger), then installed Leopard. I lost all photos (1500). I was able to retrieve from beginning-2004, to August 2007. These are the ones that will not open.

    In Finder, my photos are "date modified", 31-Oct-07 to 16-Nov-07. iPhoto.ipsopt, AlbumData.xml, Dir.data, Library.iPhoto & iPhoto.db are "date modified" 20-Nov-07.

    All photos from September & October are missing (including 400 from trip to Italy).

    Any & all help would be very much appreciated. Colleen
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    hello, my name is Chris and I am a macbook owner but not to technologically savvy. I lost all my album photos in iPhoto is there anyone that can walk me through retrieving them please? i would be so grateful!!!
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    What can you see in the iPhoto Window?


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    I am running Iphoto 4 on a power pc g4... When i open Iphoto I can see the thumbnails but when i try to access a photo it comes up with a blank page. I know the originals are still on the computer but iphoto does not access them. Is there anything i can do to restore the old photos?
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    This article may help:



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    I was downloading my pictures into iphoto 6.0 My mac froze while it was still downloading the photos and I had to force quit the program. My pictures were not saved and were deleted from the memory card- is there anyway to retrieve them?
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    Hi, l&h, and welcome to Apple Discussions. Don't worry: yes, you can recover the pictures from the memory card if you haven't already used it to store new pictures. You'll need a card reader (about $10 if you don't have one already) and you'll need to download the free demo version of one or more of the following image-recovery utilities:


    Run the demo and see what it says is recoverable. If you find that all your photos are there to recover, pay for the full version and use it. Just save the pictures to a folder on the desktop of your hard drive, then import them into iPhoto from there.