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Faulken Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)
Any reviews of system performance of Leopard on a G5?

550 Ti Powerbook iMac g5 20 in, Mac OS X (10.4.4)
  • Topher Kessler Level 6 Level 6 (9,735 points)
    I have a dual 2.5GHz G5 with 2GB RAM and a third-party ATI Radeon X800XT Video card upgrade. I installed Leopard using the "Archive and Install" option on the Leopard disk (Had OS 10.4.10 on the computer at the time) and the install went smoothly. Leopard has run quite well on my computer with no problems except a few bugs like Mail not displaying the proper number of messages in my inbox. I had once where the computer was crawling, but I restarted (had to be patient with the menus at the time) and it hasnt happened since. Beyond that things have run very well, and the new features (Spaces, Time Machine) have done exactly what Apple advertised. I'm really happy with the OS myself, but I do recognize that while I've been one of the success stories, others with similar hardware as myself have experienced problems. As far as pure performance goes, the thing boots up much faster than it ever did, and the interface is a bit snappier overall, though at times it does have a small lag to it. While Time Machine took a long time to do the initial backup, subsequent backups have been quite fast (though I dont churn out a lot of large files so each backup is relatively minimal in size). Game-wise, I dont play many graphically intensive games, but do have a few that were not working on Tiger (even after an OS reinstall) but now work on Leopard. SimCity4 ran but had huge visual artifacts on Tiger, and those are gone in Leopard. Old games like quake3 run nicely. For the most part, however, the speed of applications doesnt differ too much from Tiger.

    ...cant think of much else at the moment.
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    Slightly faster on my friend's iMac G5 and she thinks Time Machine is very cool (had a problem with it stopping once, that went away after removing the underscore on the TM disk name and reinitializing it). This was an Archive and Install as well.

    On my machine (dual G5 PowerMac), I had the Unsanity product which gave some initial problems (blue screen) on the Upgrade Install, so an A&I fixed that. I had to reinstall the graphics card driver (after market ATI Radeon 9600 PC-Mac version) so my 30" Apple LCD will work ok - before that, it was glitchy and TM user interface was unusable (though TM itself worked fine). I did have a couple of "fast fan and Finder stutter" issues that seemed to fix themselves. Again, it is a little bit faster and I am enjoying the new features.

    I still perform updates using the combo updater/downloads from Apple support downloads instead of using the Apple Menu software update.
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    i took the plunge and update my Imac g5 to leopard. I was torn between the stability/ comfort level with Tiger on the G5 chip and wanting the new experience of Leopard. I backed up my files and settings with the BackUp app provided with a dot mac account. After a clean erase and install I performed a "restore" with BackUp in Leopard. Worked flawlessly minus not transfering over my iCal calendars. Those were little no problem since they are synced on my ipod. Next opened Time Machine and did a full first back up. Noticed my processor was getting killed by some application "mdworker". It turned out to be Spotlight indexing the time machine back up file on my external. Just plsced that into the privacy section of spotlight.

    love the spaces feature.
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    After waiting and watching finally took the plunge to upgrade my five year old 2 GHz,G5.
    Used the archive/install option as suggested. After several minutes it gave an error message
    that the "media" (Leopard) was defective. Tried some work arounds and still wouldn't load but
    did manage to screw up my machine royally with bits and pieces of Tiger & Leopard in the Apps.

    Took it to the local Apple Doctor (not the appl store). The tech ran hardware tests (all o.k.)
    and they tried to install Leopard. Same message, "bad media". Turns out they've had a few of these
    older G5s with the same problem. Rather than go through more "tests" and perhaps get it to work
    and have problems down the road I'm going bk to Tiger. It's a nice OS.

    BTW...loaded Leopard with no problem on a new Imac and MacBook Pro both with Intel chips.
    Their doing fine..knock on wood. So it must be a problem with the older machines.