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I know you can supposedly change the fonts size for incoming emails. But it's not working ...

Here is what's happening.

I subscribe to a "chapter a day" reading email. The comes in and is just too small to read. No matter what size I choose in the email settings the font size is the same. I emailed this to the owner of the site and he said to log into the mobile version of the web site... Well, I tried that and the font size is probably worse. It's like it's not even for a mobile device. It comes in at 5 pt type probably.

Even when I flip the iPhone sideways the fonts is barely readable.

I suppose what is going on is that the column width of these emails and web site is set at a specific width (as opposed to percentage) and thus the entire page and/or email shrinks proportionatley as if it were a regular full web page.

Any insight on this as to what I could suggest to the owner of the web site? He doesn't seem too keen on helping me out. Sounds like I typical PC-type person... Is there anything I'm missing in terms of settings on the iPhone.


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