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"Could not find a PPPoE server" this is the message I get when I try to connect to the internet via my wireless netgear modem. I have other Pcs which use this modem and all work fine (non of them are Macs) I have previously been able to connect using my Mac but I haven't been on for while. I tried recently and this is the message I get.
It shows that the connection to my network is very good but it cannot find a PPPoE server.
I have gone to System Preferences>Network>PPPoE where it shows my 'service provider' 'account name' and 'password'. The password is only showing 8 digits but my actual password for my wireless network has 10 digits, each time I try to change the password and click 'apply' it overrides it and puts the password back to 8 digits.

How can I solve this problem and get my mac to connect to my wireless network?

Apple iMAC, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Don't worry about the 8 dots, that's just to help obsfucate your Password from people viewing your screen.

    To see what PW is actually stored, use Utilities>Keychain Access, Unlock it, highlight that account, click Show Password...

    It may pay to either delete that account & redo it, or use the Keychain First Aid under the Windows menu item.
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    Thank you for your reply, I followed your instructions and found the password for my network in keychain access>show password as you suggested, it shows my password is the very same password that I have been trying to use.
    I deleted the old airport account and used the assistant to set up a new account, it asks me to select the network I wish to join and then asks me to put in my selected network password. I put in my password exactly as written in the keychain access and it says "sorry the password you entered is invalid"
    I have deleted the password in keychain access and retyped it and pressed save, tried the new account process again and it still says 'invalid password'

    Any idea what's going on?
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    What kind of Encrytion & Router are we talking about?
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    I set up a new location on the network page with a different 'location name' using airport and the existing password and it worked!........I have managed to get back on the internet via my wireless network woo hoo.......thanks for your suggestions and willingness to help it was much appreciated.

    Kind regards, Alan Kelly.
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    Hi I've also been annoyed by this message and need help to fix it.
    I'm running an iMac Intel with 10.5. But the problem has been persisting since 10.4 although I'm happily connected to the web through airport and base station.
    Can you please offer a suggestion?
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    To get proper attention to your particular problem, start a New Topic... not many people look at a Solved Topic for a question, rather an answer!