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I got a new printer when I purchased a MacBook with Leopard and setting it up to use on that computer worked just fine with a direct USB connection. When I installed the software on my iMac I cannot get it to work properly, either with Airport or a direct USB connection. I have tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling as well as going to the Epson site to download the latest updates. Whenever I try to Add this printer I do not see this particular model in the Epson Model list. As some on the discussion groups have suggested, I have tried choosing other drivers which use Gimp-Print v. 5.0.0-Beta2 but with no luck. I have gotten as far as getting the printer to run when I click Print, but it wants to keep printing either blank pages (more than the 1 page I have checked) or pages with gibberish on them--there is definitely a communication problem between the computer and the printer. How can I get the correct driver for this particular printer to appear in the printer list? Ideally I'd like to use it through my Airport network with my new MacBook, but even a direct USB connection would be good at this point. I have succeeded in getting a printer (Epson CX4200) to work through Airport on both computers--but of course that driver is on the printer list.

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