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Hello everyone.

I have been through half a dozen headaches and a dozen hours of time wasted on this problem. I've tried multiple windows discs untill finally I bought a brand new version of Windows XP Pro. I've followed all of the instructions in my printed boot camp manual and I continously run into one problem:

Once windows is installed completely and I am at the windows desktop and need to eject the windows disc and insert the leopard disc to install drivers, I do so and windows does not recognize the mac disc whatsoever. It says the drive is empty, it is 0kb of 0kb, I cannot explore the drive, I cannot do anything. If I open it it is blank. I cannot access the internet in any way on windows because there are no corresponding drivers.. so I am at a loss.

Can anyone please help me? What do I do? I really apologize if this question has been answered, but I could really use some help.

Does it have something to do with multisession? This is so frustrating...

MacBookPro 2.2ghz, Mac OS X (10.5)