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Is there a forum in French? For the holidays I told my family to get me an iTunes gift card here in France, in Brittany (Country side). I come from the us. I told them that it should be easy and you could find them everywhere. Well I was wrong! Impossible to find any store with the cards. I heard that the store Carrefour would carry them. They advertise for it. When I went there, not only the seller laughed at me but he made fun of me, because I was saying iTunes like you should and not eTunes like french say. Especially here, they are ten years late. He says people don't want to buy Apple products because they are too expensive and they want to buy regular mp3 players. So where can I buy an Apple gift card in west france? I would have thought that Darty would carry them, and there's no Fnac here! The goal is not to buy them online, because my family don't want to use their credit card online. There's a lot to do here in France. It's not Apple fault tho!

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