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Hi, i am experiencing problem with Bluetooth connectivity of my BMW E60 (530D) and my brand new iPhone. Every time i connect the iPhone and try to make a call using my car, connection drops and I can hear the person talking only through my iPhone. I owned N73, N95 and other Nokias and all of them worked just fine. Yet i am starting to regret buying an iPhone since i travel a lot and my BMW headset is my necessity.

Windows XP
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    Turn-off the WIFI on your phone. Should sort your problem.
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    Switching off the WiFi sorted my problem too, thanks very much. With the WiFi turned on I would not be able to hear the caller for the first 10 seconds of the call if I used the iDrive to dial in my E91. Using the iPhone to dial didn't give a problem.
    Anyway, as the reply said, turning off the WiFi sorted it and I am very happy.

    Thanks again.
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    Did you solve the problem with your connection? I think im having the same issue.
    If i get in to my car (2005 3 series with built in bluetooth) it pairs no problem, address book is there etc etc, however if i answer a call it drops the connection and goes straight to my phone. If i try and dial out it does the same. However, if i delete the pairing, and then go through the pairing excercise again it will work until i switch the car off.

    Please help, and by the way, ive had wireless off and on and it is the same


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    Mostly its only the wifi that interferes with the bluetooth phone connection. Just keep it off permanently while using the phone in the car. If that doesnt help then maybe the 2005 BMWs are not compatible with the Iphone. Pls check with your dealer.
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    The iPhone is compatible with my 2005 X3(E83). I haven't encountered any difficulty with it.
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    Did you get the software updated on the car? There are many GT1 updates, maybe one of those will get it sorted. That's the easiest option.
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    I am having similar problems with bluetooth connection in 2008 BMW 550i. The iphone pairs with the auto's bluetooth but there is a delay in the bluetooth picking up incoming calls as well as when I place a call. Also the bluetooth signal drops frequently. My wi-fi is turned off so that's not the problem. I know the system is trying to download all my contacts (from outlook) which total over 700 contacts and probably 2000 numbers including home, office, fax and cell (unless it only trys to download cell#'s). Nonetheless, I think that is freezing the system and causing the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated..CTH
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    Mine does a similar thing. The car takes probably one minute or so to pick up the telephone through the bluetooth, and that is (as you say) because the phone book is being synchronised. I have found this to be a necessary evil of bluetooth though.If you make a call in this period you can always use the iPhone pop-up menu for selecting the output device though.

    Perhaps when BMW eventually get the iPhone interface sorted out (don't hold your breath though....look how long it took them to do the iPod interface) it will be quicker because of the hardware connection.
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    I thought BMW was the first car brand with a factory option iPod connection? Who had it before them?
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    The firmware in BMW bluetooth modules is dealer upgradable, if you speak to the service guys at your local dealer and tell them your bluetooth is misbehaving they should be able to perform an upgrade to add compatability with newer handsets. The iPod connectivity in BMW's is purely for playing music through the Hi/Fi and Not for telephone functions.
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    When ever I ask my dealer about upgrading the firmware they say there isn't one and give me a card for a 3rd party guy who "takes care of all their bluetooth issues." I call the guy and he makes me go through all the pairing steps and then says "well I guess that phone isn't compatible." Any more info you can share so I can go back to the dealer?

    I have a 2005 330cic with bluetooth and it exhibits the behavior many describe-- basically it drops the connection when it makes the call or when it receives a call. Otherwise it pairs fine and phonebook transfers fine. I tried disabling the wifi and it didn't help.
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    Id find a new dealer. I have been a BMW owner for many, many years now and no dealership I have ever been to has referred me to a 3rd party.
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    Some more info for you all. I have a BMW 520i E60 2004 and have just had the new 2007 software update done at my local BMW dealer (Cost £195.00). It took 4 days to finish and I am still having the problems that you all describe, even though on the BMW website it says that 2003 onwards the Apple iPhone has full compatibility with software level 1.1.2 with the 09/07 BMW software.
    My advise is get another phone, I am, I use my car all day and not having the bluetooth function working is getting dangerous as I am having to fiddle with the phone whilst driving.
    It only seems to work with no problems the first time you pair the phone, after that it has all the same issue you all describe below.
    BMW assured me that the update will work, I spoke to a lot of technical people at BMW before getting this software update, maybe Apple & BMW need to get their heads together again and get this sorted, NOW.
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