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Does anyone know if Apple have released a comparison chart for Logic pro 8 and express 8? I know the main differences but I would like to see them on a chart.

Any ideas?

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    I don't recall having seen one. However, here are the two tech sheets.


    Firstly, Logic Pro only comes as part of Logic Studio, which includes Mainstage, Soundtrack Pro and the Jam Packs. None of these extras are in Logic Express. From then on, Logic Pro and Logic Express are meant to be identical except LE has:

    No Delay Designer
    No Space Designer
    No Surround
    No vintage instruments
    No support for Nodes
    No TDM support

    As far as I can remember, that's it.

  • Gary Moore2 Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you, its the first release where there are few differences between the two- which is good!

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    Re: Logic Express 8 and Logic Studio Comparison chart

    Logic express also Lacks the Extra Jam packs, Soundtrack pro, Compression, Wave Burner, QMaster, and Quicktime pro, Main Stag, Studio Instruments and Impulse response utility plus the complete manuals for which is a major difference, and well worth buying vs Express. The apple loops In Logic pro would cost you 500.00 in the apple store and they are included. Do the Math.
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    What about the folks that NEVER use the Jam Pack stuff?
    I find those loops totally useless.

    And when you say compression, what do you mean? Is there a certain compressor one misses when not getting the Pro ed.?

    It seems to me, there's nothing in Logic Pro to miss except a few processor hungry plugs.
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    *Ur Query*
    The Compression you are inquiring about is an app called Compressor which used to be bundled with DVD Pro. This app which is now happily nesting within the Logic Studio app is used to compress your audio files via using different codex from Quicktime. In so doing it makes your audio & Visuals ready for a large selection of pro delivery formats I.e for the web and for DVD etc.

    *Apples direction*
    What Apple in its infinite wisdom did with Logic studio, was to look at it current Pro App Audio visual suite, FinalCut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Pro & Logic and started to stream line them. So everything pertaining to Audio in these other apps was transferred over to the Logic app which makes sense if you look at the bigger picture. This left Final Cut Pro and DvD Pro which have been brought together under the guise of FinalCut Studio here everything is housed pertaining to the Visual side of things.

    So what you now have is a greatly slim-lined Pro App product line. The future is to have these as a clear brand which will provide the professional Multimedia business with a one stop solution to their audio visual needs.
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    Thanks for the response. I really think that Logic Studio is a great bundle, but it's not for me, and I also think alot of other folks would agree. I can now use Express with all kinds of pro gear, get the job done, and take my mix to the mastering studio where I get all my final projects done.

    Logic Express 8 and beyond!
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    I was debating this to?
    I hate pre recorded loops, I use reason to make my own!
    do i get a compressor, the same reverb, and eq thats in logic studio?
  • Jtonge Level 1 Level 1
    I'm pretty sure all the plugs are the same forsaking the real processor hungry convolution ones.