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One of the solutions that I was given for the connectivity problems I am experiencing on my home network was to be sure that my firewall was not blocking the IP Address of the iTunes store. I could run all the ip's that are being blocked through whois but that would take a while so if anyone could help....

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  • polydorus Level 6 (11,960 points)
    I understand these are the store domains:

    It might be worth posting you iTunes network connectivity diagnostics.

    Does disabling your firewall allow connection to the store? That's a good indicator of a blocking issue.

    THe other thing that can catch you out is that the remains of old firewalls, even if they are not being used or have been uninstalled, can cause problems.

    Norton is notorious for this.
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    Are you seriously blocking outgoing connections on your +home network+ ? If so, what are you using to do so?

    AFAIK, Apple uses akamai for the iTunes store. I don't know the IP ranges/hosts Apple uses. It almost certainly depends on which country you're in (i.e. it may be different in the UK)
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    Most of Apple's sites have IP addresses in the 17.x.x.x range, which is used only by Apple; the iTunes Store also uses a server at