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  • MovingTarget Level 1 Level 1

    I had a similar situation following an update of iTune. I fixed my problem by running the Disk Utility and perform a Permission Check and Fixed. Now everything is ok.

  • barmhoff Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same issue, I followed the steps at it fixed it immediatly.


    Thanks Apple i was getting very frustrated with this issue.

  • Alcorn92 Level 1 Level 1

    i have a windows xp computer, everytime i plug my new ipod touch in it gose too sync n then just freezes and timesout. i have tryed everything. please help??

  • RCA476mp Level 1 Level 1

    Hello usually when the iPod or iPad freezes up it has too many programs running at once.just double click home button ,and close out all the programs on bottom of page.just push on one till it starts blinking with the red x and click on the x on all programs you are no using,this will also make your battery life longer too.Hope this helps anyone.

  • Ayla Marie Level 1 Level 1

    Honestly, I can say I'm frusterated with this entire ordeal. My iTunes keeps freezing when I plug in my apparently corrupt iPod Classic, which has been my life for the last year or so. I have tried uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling, I've tried stopping all other programs, tried fixing my corruption issue and even gone as far as deleting all of my songs and still nothing is working. Any suggestions? I have a HP laptop... This is not the first issue I've had with iTunes...

  • RCA476mp Level 1 Level 1

    Hello I don't know if you've tried updating your iTunes to the um I think it's 10.5 ? I feel real bad for you! If you call iTunes support team ,it's a toll free number 1-877-482-3088 ask for technical support team. I've used these people a lot! They are more than willing to help.I really think you should give them a shot. Or if you've already fixed the problem, I'm sorry for waiting your time.

  • Pichy7782 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem but I found i solution on the web. I have and Ipod Clasic 160 GB Model # A1238, works for me so u should try it.

    1. Go to Is the instructions to go to disk mode

    2. Once in there, plug the Ipod to the computer

    3. Go to "My Computer" and open ipod as a folder

    4. Try to do a disk scan so Windows can do a repair and fix to the ipod

    5. Delet everithin inthere except the files that says Ipod Control. Very important to leave this one intact!

    6. Once u done that, reset ipod. Switch Hold botton on and of, then hold down Menu and Select bottom for atlease six  secs.

    7. One is up again, plug it back to the computer and go to you ITunes.


    Hope this works for u!

  • Mookyme Level 1 Level 1

    I have an ipod classic 160g and I recently updated to the newest version of Itunes (10.5.3?), but anyway my ipod wouldn't sync so I desided to restore and then re-sync it. However after restoring it, my itunes would freeze when I would connect my recently emptied ipod, and would remain frozen after I disconnected my ipod and the only option that remained was to force restart my computer. I scowered this thread and tried virtually every suggestion on here, and when they didn't work I called up apple support services. They offered to look at it for me for a small fee, and said they had some ideas but couldn't tell them to me unless I registered and paid them. I said no, and out of a last ditch effort and slight anger, I decided to remove every apple product from my computer (I have a compaq and am running windows 7) - that includes Bonjour, apple mobile support etc. I then re-installed itunes, and sure enough when I connected my ipod it worked.


    However, when Itunes came back all my music was gone, but I had luckily consolidated my library before I began playing around so copies of all my music was safely stored in the folder named itunes media, and now all I have to do is go through the time consuming process of just copying and pasting my music back in, a small price to pay for finally getting my ipod back.


    So here is my advice:

    Consolidate your library so you will have you music on your computer

    Then remove ever apple product from your computer

    Download and re-install just Itunes and hopefully it will work for you.


    Good luck!

  • YaBoyFarhan Level 1 Level 1

    what i did was i went to my computer, right-clicked on ipod and clicked format ( i did this while my ipod was plugged in). i clicked on "allocate divice" and then after it said the format is completed, i took it out and setted it up. pLUGGED IT BACK ANDF IT WORKED!!!

  • mtvede Level 1 Level 1

    Though I was a little sceptic about formatting my beloved iPod, I found that this was the only option left before sending it to apple for an authorized repare. Anyway, i followed your advice, and remembered to click 'allocate device', and it seems like it has fixed the problem. At least iTunes did not freeze, and as i write it's finally synchronizing again.


    Thank you very, very much, sir!

  • sjcto Level 1 Level 1

    Thought I would share my own (frustrating) experience that I eventually resolved.


    I have a 160 Gb classic.


    iTunes would freeze whenever my ipod was connected.

    I would restore (thankfully had full copy of music collection stored safely on PC), iPod would restart, iTunes would tell me it is corrupt and the whole process would start all over again - went through this at least 10 times.

    I put my iPod in disk mode and connected it.

    Format would either a)not help (using Windows disk management) - still stuck in the retore>corrupt cycle or b)not be possible (using other tools)

    I then tried to run a defrag (again in disk mode)... and it wouldn't run - but this time gave me some information: "folder ipod control\music\f37" was corrupt so the defrag couldn't continue.

    at this point i didn't have anything to lose, so used Shift+Delete to delete it.

    Reset my ipod... and iTunes recognized it and allowed me to sync it.


    Good luck to anyone with a similar issue... it is infuriating!!!!!

  • hrayz Level 1 Level 1

    Hey y'all,


    It's my first time posting here and I was wondering if anybody could help me out.


    My ipod video 5.5g 80gb freezes iTunes whenever I plug it in to attempt to sync. The device shows up in My Computer, (but it won't even mount in Linux Mint). I've run the built in diagnostics and they seem good. Says 22 reallocations, 9 pending sectors, 143 start/stops, 139 retracts. This all seems ok. I've got music loaded on there, and the memory shows as mostly full, but no songs show up when I try to play them, it's as if it's empty. USB port and all other diagnostics seem good. I've had the logic board replaced once before (a couple of years ago). HDD and battery are original. I've tried every combination of attempting to connect the device to attempt to restore it in iTunes, and even tried to install Rockbox, but it said something about not being able to read the partitions. So to me it seems that the hardware should all be fine, and the device boots up just fine and navigates through menus with no problem, I just can't seem to sync it or get it to show the files on it. I might need some utility to wipe the drive and re install the firmware or repair it, but it seems to do this I first need to get it to communicate with a computer?


    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Grog The Red Level 1 Level 1

    Just got a used 160GB 6th gen and got it to restore to factory, but now as soon as it docks iTunes freezes. I can't even force the program to close with task manager. At a complete loss of what to do. It took a while for me to get the program to do a factory reset now that it's clear I can't do anything with it. This isn't the first time either. Last time when I got my iPhone I had to buy a new computer because iTunes was so RAM intensive it would bog the whole thing down. You'd think that just running a music program wouldn't require more than 4GB of ram and more than 2gigs of processor. My next option is to track down an old creative labs music player the ones that were basically portable hard drives and put a 250 solid state in it and just run my music through that. I feel like every time I skip a generation of apple products the next generation requires me to double what ever system I'm running.

  • Tmemphis Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried all of these and still when I plug my Classic 80GB iPod in to the iMac it freezer iTunes.  I've tried windows as well and it show in My Computer but it does not give access.    This must have a solution by now, surely...!

  • Berta_84 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried to call the 1-877 number and they want to charge me $99.00 for tech support.