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    Stanner372, Thank You so much! I did every suggested thing on the internet to try and fix this problem, and the least likely solution turns out to be the right one. ;D Again, thank you.
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    Hello all,

    For some reason my ipod had a song that would freeze the ipod when it got to a certain point (0:46 into the song I think), so last night I decided to restore my ipod. While I was restoring it, I also was listening to music on itunes and downloading some updates to my computer. My itunes then froze midway through the restoring. After restarting my computer (because itunes would not shut down), I tried several times to plug in my ipod and connect to itunes in order to restore. However, itunes froze every time I did this. At this point in time my ipod was working but all the songs were deleted; itunes was fine if I did not plug in my ipod. I started looking on these forums but could not find a solution. So I asked my roommate if I could plug in the ipod to his itunes to fix it. He told me that his itunes was on auto sync, so he turned it off then we plugged in my ipod. After a brief moment, the computer asked me to type in the name of the ipod, and immediately the ipod showed up in itunes! Anyways, long story short I took it back to my computer and it did the same thing so now it works!

    Okay so here's what you do:

    Note: When doing this, I had the latest version of iTunes, but my roommate did not have the latest version. I am running Windows 7 on my computer.

    Step 1: Restart your computer, but DO NOT have the ipod connected to your computer.

    Step 2: Open up iTunes.

    Step 3: With iTunes open, go to the "Edit", then click on the tab "Devices". Now there should be an option that says "Prevent Ipods, Iphones, and Ipads from syncing automatically". Click on that option, and then click "Ok".

    Step 4: Now plug your Ipod into your computer. The computer (windows) is going to ask if you want to scan and fix the ipod. DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING ON THIS. In tunes at this point it should be asking you to type in the name of your ipod in itunes. After doing this, the ipod should appear in the left side menu as normal. Click on you ipod.

    Step 5: Now this step may or may not be optional, so let me know if you did this step or not. After clicking on your ipod in the left hand menu, the ipod menu should show up on itunes. Now click "Restore". At this point itunes will freeze, I think, if I remember correctly. Wait about 2-3 minutes and it should begin working again. If not, restart your computer and try the whole process again.

    Step 6: Now you can sync your ipod when it pops up in itunes. Everything should be working normally now. I haven't turned on auto sync back on yet so I don't know if turning that back on will affect anything.

    In summary, you basically turn on the "Prevent ipod, iphone, ipad from automatically syncing" option. That should fix it!

    Please let me know if this works for you. I think the last post here was in 2008, so hopefully you still have your broken ipod. Hope this helps!
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    I have a solution! - sell your ipod then buy one of these!
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    Hey I was having a similar problem where I had restored my ipod and it would freeze itunes when it started syncing it, then I decided to restore it again and manually (making sure the check box is unchecked for synching music when restoration is completed and you're allowed to give your ipod a name), adding the music to the ipod, this has been working for me...I wouldn't add more than 15-20 songs at a time though. Good luck I hope all goes well!
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    What i found has worked is cleaning out the temp files. It looks like it consistently corrupts the TEMP file located in Itunes directory. I dont have an exact location but if you do a general temp file cleaner, it always works...

    Only on PC though not sure about a mac
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    So I looked all over the internet trying to figure out how to stop my itunes from freezing every time I connected my ipod. If it has not been answered yet I found a solution that worked for me and hopefully everyone else!

    1. plug ipod into computer
    2. when itunes freezes, shut it down
    3. go to my computer
    4. right click on the ipod device
    5. format
    6. It will pop up saying warning this will erase everything on your device
    7. click ok
    8. after device is formatted open itunes
    9. It should start fresh and restore your ipod and it should work

    it worked for me and hopefully it will work for you!!! Sorry if its a little confusing I'm going off from memory
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    I had the same problem with my itunes/ipod. I have an classic 80gb ipod but as soon as I would reach 45gb it would freeze itunes. I tried it on more than one computer, same thing. So, at an attempt to delete my ipod I figured I would plug it in, wait for it to sychronize then pull the plug. Thinking it would delete and I could restore it and start over. I did exactly that but all my music remained on my ipod. So, I plugged it back in and it worked perfect. I'm at 50gb and no problems. (Knock on wood)I don't know if it will work for you but it worked for me.
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    after days of torment i tried this possible solution and to my absolute amazement found it to work! SUCCESS!! Please Apple, sort this problem out!
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    I think I found the best solution.... I just did it.... Firstly, uninstall this garbage of an update for ITunes.... Then, go to your user/music/itunes and delete Itunes Library. Then go to previous ITunes Libraries and choose your last one (the dates should be on there) .... make a copy of it and rename it to Itunes Library.... After that, google Itunes 9 and install it.... It should work just fine!

    I just did it and I was having the exact same problem as everyone else here.
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    Scratch that guys, it didn't work.
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    Problem: When connecting my iPod to my computer, iTunes would freeze. Then, when I forced closed my iTunes app, it would say it couldn't read or find my iPod.

    Solution: Not sure if this is just for me, but I connected my iPod to another computer and then back to mine and it worked just fine. Just make sure you change the setting on the other computer to not auto sync music (under preferences I think).

    iPod and iTunes work and sync perfectly normal now.
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    This is happening to my iPhone4. It started a week ago. Some how it started working like normal but now its doing it again. Now the only option its giving me is to restore the whole thing but its still lagging/freezing. Its frustrating *facepalm. In my opinion, Apple software is garbage
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    I don't think any of us are getting any help from the people who are supposed to be helping us. I didn't have these problems untill I updated my Itunes! Everything worked great with my old version of Itunes then I got the internet and Itunes wanted to update but now that I have an updated version my Ipod doesn't want to work with itunes properly
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    I had this problem too - but, fingers crossed, I think I've solved it.

    First I tried formatting my iPod Classic by formating it as a disc drive on my computer (right clicking, then choosing the formatting option). All started well but it came to a juddering halt, then hours later, came up with the notification that it couldn't complete the formatting.

    Then I tried the following:
    o Open iTunes without connecting the iPod
    o Click on Edit, then Preferences
    o Tick the option 'Prevent iPods from syncing automatically'
    o This then allowed me to connect my iPod without crashing iTunes so that I was then able to reset my iPod to its factory settings.

    It won't work for everyone but, so far, it's worked for me.
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    This has happened to me twice already. The first time I tried putting it into disk mode but it wouldn't connect to Itunes. Then I tried connecting it to a different Macbook and it still wouldn't work. So I gave up and made an appointment with Apple and I went to the store and the guy helped me by restoring it though his computer. He told me it was a hardware problem. He also suggested updating Itunes so it won't create any sort of problem.

    The next time it happened I was mad because it erased all my music again Itunes would freeze every time I would connect it. I immediately called but they were of no help and wanted to charge me for helping me. So instead I tried connecting it to my friends PC and it worked. I RESTORED the Ipod to its original settings and then went to my Macbook and restored it there also so it could be formatted to Mac instead of Windows. It worked thereafter.

    What worked for me:
    You will have to RESTORE your device
    1. Go to Itunes preferences and make sure you have the setting "Prevent Ipods, Iphones and Ipads from syncing automatically" on or checked.
    2. If you are running on Mac try connecting it to a Windows computer and RESTORING it to factory setting. If you are running on Windows connect it to a Mac and do the same.
    3. After it has been restored go back to the computer you will use to put music on your Ipod and RESTORE it.
    4. After it has been restored again this will format your Ipod to run on Mac if you are running on Mac or Windows if you are running on Windows. Make sure it is formatted to run on your computer.
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