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I have an ( .aiff ) song size is 5.66 MB. Is there something I can purchase that will allow me to convert it to a ( .?? ) ringtone that can be used in my iPhone. In playing it, it is only 31 seconds long. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    What OS are you running?
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    Windows XP Pro sp2
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    Use a program called SUPER. It converts everything...
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    You don't need to buy anything if you've got QuickTime Pro and iTunes.
    Open aiff in QuickTime Player, cut to 40 seconds save in aiff again, open iTunes, convert aiff to aac 128bps could use mono for save space, drop your aac to desktop, rename extension .m4a to .m4r and drop file to your iTunes Library.
    Now it should be in your Ringtones in iTunes. You are done, now just sync iPhone.
    P.S. You should have iTunes 7.5 and iPhones firmware 1.1.2

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    ajl917 I downloaded Super, and I could not find an item to convert .aiff

    Alexey I only have QuickTime Player, not QT-Pro. Is there another program you know of that I can use to convert this file to a ringtone? Thanks again.
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    I have just purchased QuickTime Pro. The file I have is an .aiff When I call in QuickTime, it starts playing the song. Then I go to save the file, and my only choice is [ Movie ]. Again, I have a 5+MB .aiff music file. Also now have QuickTime Pro7. I have searched, but cannot find how to get from here to a 30 (+/-) second ringtone .m4r. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  • Jason L Community Specialists
    Hey GVD,

    Quicktime Pro is not supposed to create Ringtones for the iPhone.

    These articles provide more information on creating Ringtones for your iPhone.

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    It's worth noting that Quicktime Pro for Windows is not free software.

    So long as your .AIFF file is less than 40 seconds in length, you should be fine with iTunes. On the Mac version, iTunes can read .AIFF files (if not, I'm sure there are a few good freeware converters for Windows you can use). Go into preferences/options, choose the Advanced tab, then the Imnporting tab, and choose AAC format. Now exit that window and right click on the file, and choose Convert to AAC from the drop-down menu.

    Once that's done, you have to jump out of iTunes and play in File Explorer a bit. Find your new AAC format file. The file extension should be .M4A - rename it so the extension is .M4R and then add it to iTunes. It should appear in your ringtones folder.

    Good luck!
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    *Jason L* Thanks for the reply, I have read the enclosed links, but still can not find a windows way to convert .aiff to *.aac or .4mr or anything*.

    trilobyte Thanks for the reply.
    I still am not able to convert my original file ( .aiff ) to anything. When I right click on the file, I can open with (1.) QtimePro, this will just play the song, nothing else. (2.) Open with iTunes, this will automatically start playing the song. The info shows it as 5.7 MB & Time is .31. At this point, I stop the play, on iTunes go to preferences, and there is no [ Advance ] tab. Also on iTunes, the import tab takes me to a box to enter the filename which I do. It shows up in the music section, and the menu says to convert section to AAC. I do this, and the conversion bar on top goes about 3/4ths of the way, then I hear 2 sounds, like it has an error or something, but it never states so. Also doing a full disk search for file .aac, nothing appears. Thanks again.