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    MacSweeper Developers response:

    A Letter to Mac Community

    We’d like to address the community of Mac users on behalf of the creators of MacSweeper. Our product has been slandered a lot recently. It has been accused of being a “rogue” application and imputed false functionality to. We’d like to dispel this misguided opinion and show you that MacSweeper is a really useful application and the best of its kind.
    1) What is MacSweeper and why would you need it?
    MacOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems in the world. Nevertheless security in general depends not only on the OS but on the user and programs running under it. That’s why for user’s data protection MacSweeper was developed.
    - Removing Cookies belonging to sites in the blacklist
    Different companies use Cookies for tracing user activity, some of them have dubious reputation since malicious software has been transmitted through their networks or from their domains. Such domains are put down to the blacklist. MacSweeper prevents user’s data from being spread by removing those cookies while keeping user’s personal cookies safe.
    - Cleaning user’s and system cash
    Our security experts have found that a lot of private information is stored in application cash and can be accessible for malicious software somehow launched on your mac. Moreover, by cleaning application cash you can free lots of space on your hard drive.
    - Cleaning application and system log files
    Log files mostly contain information that an average user will never need which can be deleted trouble-free making additional free space available.
    - Universal Binaries & Languages
    Mac applications are commonly assembled for different architectures and with multi language support. Users never use architectures other than their native and seldom use different languages. So it is possible to compress all these applications according to the needs of a specific user.
    Therefore MacSweeper is not an antivirus, antispyware or antimalware application. Also MacSweeper has nothing to do with “rogue software” though many influential companies have labeled it this way and try to convince all users of it. But if you just read the definition for “rogue software” here and then launch and activate our product to study its functions you’ll realize MacSweeper is NOT a “rogue software” and we don’t use anything mentioned in the definition.
    «Rogue security software is software that uses malware (malicious software) or malicious tools to advertise or install itself or to force computer users to pay for removal of nonexistent spyware.»
    2) Our advertisement pages
    Many authoritative companies don’t like our ads pages saying they display lies. Here let us draw an analogy to creating and selling toothpaste as a simple commonplace example. So imagine yourself you are sitting back on your couch and you see this toothpaste advertisement which says using this toothpaste once will keep your breath fresh 24 hours. But when you buy it and clean your teeth in 100% cases your breath won’t stay fresh that long. Nevertheless you’re not going to run out in the street shouting that a certain company produces “rogue toothpaste”. Our advertisement pages are just the same - nothing more than a usual ad, simple animated pictures.
    3) Other false opinions
    - Some users who had installed our product later wrote on forums that MacSweeper finds a number of objects on an absolutely clean machine. Our answer is – of course it does and before making statements as the one above you need to understand what the program finds. Every clean system, even a brand new Mac, has lots of trash files, universal binaries & languages and that’s why MacSweeper wil find a lot of objects there.
    4) Analyzing our product by authoritative companies
    We were amused by the fact that a certain authoritative security software development company with a big name and experience wrote a review on our product based on its design and used pictures. However as we could see from a review, the company employees hadn’t even activated the product, they just decided to earn some points for themselves and promote our product in the press saying they were the first to find it. But they didn’t even understand what they found, and they couldn’t, because they hadn’t activated the product. It’s like talking about the quality of the toothpaste without even opening the tube. And after that they accuse us of telling lies.

    In conclusion we’d like to thank Dan Kaplan of SC Magazine for being the only person of mass media to ask for our opinion after publishing a state on our product unlike other people from mass media and security software development companies.
    We’d also like to thank all Mac community for such a reaction on the information about “first scareware“ application which MacSweeper isn’t. To prove this will give away 1000 free licenses on our site
    Use the full version of the product, share your experiences and leave your opinions on different sites and be sure they’re based on real facts and not popular reviews. We intentionally haven’t changed a single line of code in the application since the latest events, the code is exactly the way it was.

    Thank you for your attention!
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    Are you the same Apple Angel that downloaded this software by searching in Google?

    And they just hired you as a developer? How strange...
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    Hello. Why exactly would these be part of 'BlackListed plists'? Your TODO list inside the MacSweeper package lists 'at.obdev.LittleSnitchNetworkMonitor.plist' for instance. As far as I know there is nothing wrong with LittleSnitch...

    Application removal:
    BlackListed plists are:
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    This letter is laughable at best a total joke at worst. I don't even know where to begin:

    1. Anyone that put "application cash", instead of the correct application cache on, on a letter to explain what a software does, is just plain suspect. No developer worth their salt that I know would make such a mistake.

    2. Cookies in them self cannot install harmful software. At worst they can store some personal information and browsing trends. These can be easily blocked and easily removed.

    3. Application caches also can be easily removed and with my 7 year experience with Mac OSX and some knowledge of development have never heard of application caches posing a security risk. They can be removed as part of troubleshooting an issue, but are recreated again when the app is run. Same with system caches.

    4. Language files posed as security threats are something new to me too. Sure you can get rid of languages you don't use and CPU architectures too. That is where a great app like Xslimmer comes in.

    5. There were several reports that the App in questions website "performs" a scan and alerts the user that he needs this software. How are you performing such a scan without installing a plugin or some sort of Admin access?

    6. There were also reports that several of the links on the site simply cause the software to download.

    When a "big name security company" lists your app as a threat, users take that seriously as these "big name companies" are usually experts in the field.

    Go peddle your propaganda elsewhere, I don't think anyone is going to trust your app, with all these reports from legitimate sources and security experts looming around...
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    Hello MacSweeper is deeply discussed on:

    Sorry about my english grammar, normal version of our Letter you can read here: 02

    In two words about LittleSnitch: My goal was to make something similar to AppZapper, but i wanted to find all "Trash" files even if Application was already removed. For this i needed to know where to search for all applications. Usually they are stored in standard locations. But in case with LittleSnitch, it is stored in /Library/Little Snitch, which is not good place for an application. I didn't want it to be marked as trash, so i added it into my TODO list.
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    " ... 1) What is MacSweeper and why would you need it?
    MacOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems in the world ..."

    then ? no need this software ...

    and the way this software to advertise is really not good, how come can run automatically like that ? push the user to install regarding to read the product spec first ?
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    It is obvious rogue-ware and seemingly impossible to remove. Anyone know how to effectively remove this POS?
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    Mac community has taught us a lesson that we will never forget.
    We worked hard to correct our mistakes, and we promise you will never see a "junk" software from our company anymore!
    Meet new MacSweeper at

    As we promised we are giving away 1000 licenses of MacSweeper for free, even more!

    Our activation algorithm is based on short user name. So the most easiest method to get it and to generate serial number for it is when you pressing purchase from the program.

    We also considered our prices policy. You will be able to purchase MacSweeper for as low as 15$.

    Thank You All for this lesson! I hope it will reflect the same way on other junk-ware that will try to harm our lovely mac platform and its users!

    You can post your thoughts on our support forum
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    Everybody should click on this guy's profile to see his posts. Very deceptive. If you use this guy's software, you have been warned. I can't see any reason to use it, and many reasons not to!
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    I described how to remove MacSweeper, on the previous post:

    You just need to Move these files to Trash:
    1) (Check if MacSweeperDaemon is running)
    2) ~/Library/Contextual\ Menu\ Items/MacSweeperCMI.plugin

    3) ~/Library/Preferences/com.KIVViSoftware.MacSweeper.plist

    Thats it!
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    I am acting like a bot because, I need to respond every post on all forums, I haven't slept for nights, I am trying to correct everything we have done! Thank You!
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    Apple Angel wrote:
    I am acting like a bot because, I need to respond every post on all forums, I haven't slept for nights, I am trying to correct everything we have done! Thank You!

    Oh so now it is Your software? Do you see why people are more then skeptical when you come on these forums trying to be deceptive? Here is a quote from one of your earlier messages about MacSweeper and you talk about "they":

    Apple Angel wrote:
    Yes, I used it. Its cleaning tool for Mac, it cleans Universal Binaries, Language files, and some other trash. It also found some strange cookies. I saved more then 5Gb of disk space with it. They promised to release some "Most Wanted" features soon, i hope they will be useful

    Now instead of you saying "they" you are saying "We". So basically this was your software all along and you are being really deceptive. Deceptive to customers = something to hide.

    Message was edited by: RacerX
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    Did i say something wrong? I tried to promote it a little. And it really saved me a lot of space on my MBP. 80 Gb is too small amount for a serious work.
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    Besides i was wondering what was really happening with the traffic(as we were buying it), and where it comes from:

    //Check what is your home page, strange reaction, this cannot be happening on MacOS. Check your history, perhaps you'll find something interesting there?


    //What site was that?
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    But Please people I need at least some feed back! Is it really so useless as you described or there are some positive features? Should i continue work on new features or should i burry it?
    A hundred people already activated it, and total silence?