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  • gaberdine mac Level 1 (30 points)
    Apple Angel wrote:
    Please people I need at least some feed back!

    OK "Apple Angel", you want some feedback? Here it is:

    *Go away and never trouble the Mac community again.*

    Apple Angel wrote:
    Should i continue work on new features or should i burry it?

    *Bury it.* Your future is not in writing legitimate software for the Mac. Even if you ever had honest intentions with Macsweeper and even if you "adore the Mac platform" (as a scamming target perhaps) you have alienated the whole Mac community.

    Nobody wants your software, nobody trusts you and you can never build trust when you have persistently lied and used unethical or illegal distribution tactics.

    Apple Angel wrote:
    A hundred people already activated it, and total silence?

    Well, you seem quite happy with the results of your manic postings and link bombing:
    "Google: 109,000 results for macsweeper. Not bad for Two people, in only one month! ?" (Comment on [| per.html#c7658549309823499435]
    Of course 99% of those links lead to critical coverage of your product, security warnings and the like. The remaining 1% is you, flooding blogs and forums with lies, defence, justification, excuses and lots and lots of links. Perhaps you think all publicity is good publicity...? How sad.

    Apple Angel wrote:
    Is it really so useless as you described or there are some positive features?

    To answer that we would have to be stupid enough to visit your website and install your software. I will not do that for the following reasons:

    *1. I will never try your product because I do not trust you, your company or your software.*

    2. I have no confidence in the quality, usefulness and security of your product and only a fool would willingly install it. Happily, I am not a fool.

    3. I utterly distrust you, your company and your software because of the way you promote and spread it.

    4. I have no confidence in your software because of the many nefarious, malicious and downright evil snake-oil pedlars that you share server space and distribution tactics with. A man may be judged by the company he keeps.

    5. Nobody should trust a company that uses fake online scans (mere SWF animations) to panic and deceive visitors to their site into downloading a product of questionable quality, usefulness and security.

    6. Your website uses unethical (and potentially illegal) tactics to force a visitor into activating a download, even when they expressly do not wish to accept a download. No legitimate business does this, therefore we know you and your company are a bunch of crooks and your software can never be trusted.

    7. Your pop-up that forces the download reads "This file has been digitally signed and independently certified as 100% free of viruses, adware and spyware". That is either an utterly meaningless statement or a plain lie.

    8. If you are happy to force the download of this product (which you claim to be benign), we have to assume you are also happy to force the download of Mac viruses and Trojans once you have worked out how to write them.

    9. Your software is, at best incompetent and unnecessary (better products exist to do the job) and at worst extremely dangerous, especially considering what future updates might do. []

    10. I would not want MacSweeper even if you gave it away for free.
    What's that? Oh, you are giving it away free... 1000 licences, you say?

    Well you know what...

    I still don't want it.

    But anyway, what is the point of polite discourse when you are, to my mind, criminals posing as a pair of hapless students...?

    It is my considered opinion that you are practicing your art, refining your techniques and testing the water for a more serious attack on the mac community using similar tactics and much more dangerous software. *Let all Mac users beware.*
  • MacD0g Level 1 (0 points)
    This product is the mac version of Winfixer, a scareware product. It prompts you to pay for a product that does nothing but infect your computer with pop-ups. Try to call technical support, there is no technical support. Apple Angel is probably the person who made this dumb product. I have examined the source code on my windows PC and it says it executes a java exploit to hijack your browser and give you a "free scan" to see if your computer is "dying.", which it isnt. Also, this "company" is located in Ukraine. I pinged IP and traced it. This is no software at all, but a virus itself. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS. IF YOU GET A POP UP FROM THEM, SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. And to the makers of this product, hopfully you will be thrown in the slammer for fraud and make the internet safer and make people who want to keep their computer keep it and not waste $40 to crash it completely.

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  • RacerX Level 2 (170 points)
    Apple Angel wrote:
    Did i say something wrong? I tried to promote it a little. And it really saved me a lot of space on my MBP. 80 Gb is too small amount for a serious work.

    You absolutely did!

    You came on this forum telling everyone how you found it by searching and bought a copy of it and how great it worked for you.

    Then you all of a sudden started talking about how you are the developer or work for the developer.

    I have seen your forum name on other forums doing the same too.

    You are being deceptive and this is why you are getting such flack on these forums.

    So yes you did say many things wrong...
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