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Aaron Neville1 Level 1 (5 points)
I need to clean up ACL permissions on various shares and I'm having difficulty recursively removing all ACL permissions in different directories. I have gotten past WGM and began using Gerritt's suggestions (ie, "chmod -R -a# [ACLnumber] [path]") and this is successful to a point. Either corruption or something else unknown is not allowing the -R option to operate correctly and I am finding that many directories and their children are cluthing tight to their ACLs. I have also attempted removing inherited ACL permissions using the "chmod -R -I [path]" command with similar results.

Does anyone have any recommendations for stripping out ACLs entirely? Is there something easier than copying all data to a ACL disabled storage?
  • Gerrit DeWitt Level 4 (3,900 points)
    Yes, I've seen some ACL entries that cannot seemingly be removed by the chmod -a command; it claims that there is "no ACL enabled on the volume" when run. In this case, I recommend using Workgroup Manager or copying the data to a non-ACL enabled volume and back.

    If you disable then re-enable ACLs on a volume, previously set ACLs remain for files and folders.

    Obviously, the ACL implementation needs work.

  • Aaron Neville1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I can't seem to make WGM propogate blank ACL permissions in the same manner. Is there something I missed? I have indeed tried, as you describe, to disable ACLs on a volume and then re-enable with the same results. You'd think if you can strip out OG permissions, you could do similar with ACLs. I guess we're in beta here.

    I suppose I'll be copying data over the weekend. Thanks for your feedback.
  • Gerrit DeWitt Level 4 (3,900 points)
    Yes, as far as I can tell Workgroup Manager cannot "empty out" ACLs recursively. You have to select each file or folder and do so manually.