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My iphone will not save the photos I have taken with the phone. I have now been working in Italy for 3 months. Shortly after I got here my camera stopped working and this was my only camera! I use AT&T and my phone is not hacked. I have no idea how to contact help from mac. My father in the states has tryed many times to talk with apple but nothing good has come. Please, can someone help!!!!!!

powerbook g4 & Iphone, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • viali17 Level 4 (2,825 points)
    Have you tried reset or restore already?(you can try a restore from backup first then a restore as a new phone)
  • EdSmith Level 1 (0 points)
    Yesterday, my iPhone stopped saving new pictures altogether. When I took a picture, it showed in the camera roll only as a blank square. Whenever I clicked on one of the squares, the application crashed and the phone returned to the home screen. I reset the phone through iTunes, and then let iTunes restore the phone from backup. This did not solve the problem. After reading other posts in this forum, I reasoned that the problem might be a corrupt image in one of the albums that I synced from iPhoto. In desperation, I went into settings and deleted all settings and data. The phone is now blank and my address book is empty, but the camera is working properly. Tonight I will syncronize to restore my address book and calendar, but I will not restore the photo albums.
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    my phone just started doing the exact same thing. a restore to backup did not fix the issue. i suppose i could restore and not have it restore to my backup. but as far as i'm concerned that is not a solution, that's a work around.

    is there a legitimate solution to the problem, or is this a return-to-the-store issue?

    i don't know if this information helps, but i have used my iphone camera a whole lot. presently, however, there are no photos on the phone and it does not sync with any library of photos.
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    My phone did this about 6 weeks ago, and started doing it again yesterday. Clearly I wonder if this is an issue that needs addressed at the store, or if I should just assume that an image in the one photo album I have on my phone is somehow corrupt... Does this need addressed before the warranty runs out (ie-replacement time), or is it just unavoidable? I did a hard reset and a complete restore twice already, and no improvement. I will try again, and leave out the photo gallery, to see if it helps.
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    I restored and left the photos off of the phone. Still no dice. Genius Bar here I come!
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    Exact same thing happened to me. I've had the phone for 4-5 months with ATT, travelled around Europe and the US taking tons of photos with no problems. Suddenly my pictures wont save and a blank image is in the album when I take a picture-- when I click on it the photo app crashes. I did a full reset-restore and it has not solved the problem.

    Anyone able to resolve this issue please advise. I need to take photos!!

    I'll head to the apple store if all else fails... but that's a pain.
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    Same problem as described. Tried reset, no fix...
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    Mine started doing that. Fixed it
    by Restoring and then Resetting All Settings on my phone.
    Like so:
    I synced everything,
    Then "Restored" via iTunes, saving everything as "Restore" allows you to do.
    Then on my iPhone: Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset All Settings.
    Then Restored it again.
    And then the camera was back.
    Pulled all my contacts, calendars, music and same photo collection back
    on my phone via iTunes,
    and all was good.
    Camera is A-OK again.
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    My camera is working fine, but I just can't get iPhoto to import pictures from the phone. It creates a bunch of blank thumbnails and when I click on one to view info, I see the file name, size, and date, but the height and width are zero for each pic. I can view the pics just fine on the camera.

    I've tried everything just short of resetting the phone to factory settings: powering down and back up, removing stuff to free up memory, resetting the iSync history. Here is my question:


    If I click the "reset" button in iTunes, will it wipe my pictures off the iPhone or will the pictures still be there, and the photo cache or whatever will just be updated?


    I do not want to lose the pictures I took. Spent a lot of time capturing those images, so I want to save them if it is at all possible.

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    Exactly one week after I posted notes on my "fix" (see above: I reset the phone and erased all my data), the problem has recurred. The camera pretends to take the picture, but nothing is saved in the camera roll but a blank white square. When I touch the square (where the photo should be) the application crashes and I'm returned to the home screen. In the meantime I have not synced any pictures from my iPhoto library, so I'm sure it's not a corrupt photo from my Mac that is causing the problem.

    This is upsetting, because I lost some great snapshots before I could get them synchronised off the phone.

    This also happened to my wife's phone. She took her's in to the Apple Store, and they helpfully reset her phone, erased all her data, and sent her on her way with a "fixed" phone. I'm going to have to go in and try to convince them that this doesn't actually fix anything.
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    I am experiencing the same problem.

    I have erased all content and settings on the iPhone, was able to restore it as my phone and the camera still worked. As soon as a Sync some content on the iPhone, like load my contacts or music or pictures on it, the camera will stop saving the pictures. I do not understand. This is definitely a software glitch, and if someone knows of a bug-patch, please, let us know.

    P.s.: I'v been in the local store here, talked to a Genius, and had my iPhone replaced with a new one. As soon as I Sync it, the camera will stop working.

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    To add another voice, I am also experiencing the same problem. Could this be related to the 1.1.3 update?

    I also tried the reset phone, restore and resync, as well as reset all settings, and the camera still does not work.

    Phone apple support seemed really unhelpful and uninformed that there is an issue. I hope there will be some response from apple, especially since someone who replaced their phone still found that it did not work.

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    I'm having the same problem. Restore and sync falls a bit short of a solution, in my opinion. I hope Apple fixes this soon. On the plus side, I like the update, esp. the ability to rearrange icons and add web clips. The "GPS" is cool, too.
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    Same thing here... I am sure they will fix it somehow... I am glad to know I am not alone with this problem...

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