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I get lots of Christmas & New Year greetings in e-mail attachments by PC users. They put text on their pictures and mail them directly. As I was planning to do this for the first time too, to my astonishment I had to learn from iPhoto-help (if correctly understood...) that greeting cards can only be treated, ordered and send for a fee by paid print services.
Instead, my wish is just to pick one of my photos, put a text on it and send it freely by e-mail.
If impossible (why ???????) in iPhoto 6 (my version is 6.0.6 (322), is it in iPhoto 8 ? Or do I need a specific OS X download from Apple or third parties ?
A swift answer would be most welcome in these warmhearted wishing days.

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    You can't do this with only iPhoto. You can use another image editing app to add text to your photos, then import into iPhoto and send in your email. You could try a Google search for "email greeting cards" and see if you find an online service that meets your needs. I went to Versiontracker.com and put "greeting cards" in the search field. It gave me a few hits, including one called Easy Card that works with Tiger on PPC Macs. The description states you can create holiday cards, add your photos from iPhoto, and email or print. It sounds like it has potential, but it's not free and it has mixed reviews. Their website is http://scriptsoftware.com/ecc/.

    Happy holidays.
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    It's still astonishing, and most frustrating, Apple hasn't provided for an easy tool just to put titles or texts on a picture in iPhoto (as on film in iMovie), and to send it directly by e-mail.
    As I understand your very useful (disapointing though...) reaction, one has to BUY a specific dedicated program or to send a picture to a "greeting card" company that will send it for some FEE.
    Nikon's 'ViewNX' image editing program is of no help either. Do you have any suggestion as to another editing app. (Adobe, ...) ?
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    My favorite editor is Adobe's Photoshop Elements. It has most of the features of the full (pro level) Photoshop program, at a fraction of the price. You can add text to your photos, design pages, and the only limit is your imagination. I have it set as my external editor in iPhoto, so when I want to correct my photos I locate and open them from iPhoto, they are automatically sent to Elements, and when I click Save the edited version goes back to my library.

    If you have a nice photo printer, you may want to check the software that came with it. My Epson printer/scanner came with an app that can design cards and calendars, and it came with a few templates.

    Merry Christmas.
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    Thank you so much. Now I really feel "merry" !
    All my best wishes for Christmas and a superbest 08, plenty of love, friendship and...fresh inspiration.