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How do I get back to the volume default I set at the onset of using my shuffle?

I have speakers in my Ski Helmet and would now like to turn up the volume louder than I have currently set for my in ear earpods.

Any help is appreciated.


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    If you're talking about the Maximium Volume Limit:

    Setting the Maximum Volume Limit
    You can set a limit for the maximum volume on iPod shuffle. You can also set a
    password in iTunes to prevent this setting from being changed by someone else.
    If you’ve set a volume limit on iPod shuffle, the status light blinks orange three times if
    you try to increase the volume beyond the limit.
    To set the maximum volume limit for iPod shuffle:
    1 Set iPod shuffle to the desired maximum volume.
    2 Connect iPod shuffle to your computer.
    3 In iTunes, select iPod shuffle in the Source pane.
    4 Click the Settings tab.
    5 Select “Limit maximum volume.”
    6 Drag the slider to the desired maximum volume.
    The initial slider setting shows the volume the iPod shuffle was set to when you
    selected the “Limit maximum volume” checkbox.
    7 To require a password to change this setting, click the lock and enter a password.
    If you set a password, you must enter it before you can change or remove the
    maximum volume limit.
    Note: The volume level may vary if you use different earphones or headphones.

    To remove the maximum volume limit:
    1 Connect iPod shuffle to your computer.
    2 In iTunes, select iPod shuffle in the Source pane.
    3 Click the Settings tab.
    4 Deselect “Limit maximum volume.”
    Enter the password, if required.
    Note: If you forget the password, you can restore iPod shuffle. See “Updating and
    Restoring iPod shuffle Software” on page 26 for more information.
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    thanks for quick and helpful directions.

    Merry Christmas to you and all that are out there, from Snowy Colorado.

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    You're welcome.

    Please note that the answer came from:

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    I received an IPOD Touch for Xmas and have tried to change the volume limit for music. My Ipod asks for the 4 digit code volume limit code so I can unlock the volume limit and I do not have the code. I have tried to reset factory settings but it does not work. How can I find the code or unlock the volume limit?