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The built-in memory test has detected a problem with cache memory. Please contact a service technician for assistance.

I was so glad to see your name, Don Archibald! I didn’t come straight to this forum because if you weren’t here things would be worse.

I googled the problem and saw mixed answers. One guy said he’s never once known of a Mac with this message that didn’t end up with a dead cpu.

Am I dead in the water? Anything I can troubleshoot? I’ve been in that Oklahoma ice storm (worst on record, I guess) with a lot of electrical outages.

Panther’s still in the box. I’ve never opened it. I don’t want to start over (and might not be able to) with expensive software upgrades that are like buying it all new and with a new printer and a new scanner—and Mac. (Or old one, maybe.) But give it to me straight. And thanks for your help.


BB King just came on the station I’m listening to: he’s singing "Baby, you done lost your good thing now."

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G4 400 AGP, Mac OS 9.1.x, 448 ram slot 1-64, slot 2-128, 3-256
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    Hi, Barbara -

    The message is real, and can indicate something addressable, or something not.

    First try reseating the RAM modules in the Mac. To do that, power the machine down, open the side panel door. Touch the large metallic box in the rear for a few seconds to dissipate any static electricity from you. Then unplug the power cord from the back of the machine.

    Use the small plastic thingies at each end of each RAM module to pop it partway out of its socket, then push the module firmly back into the socket until the plastic thingies are vertical again.

    Once you've done all the RAM modules, close the machine up, plug in the power cord, wait a minute or so then boot it up to see if the message redurs.

    If it does, then it would indicate that there is a problem with the cache memory itself, which is on the main logic board. If this happens, you can either continue to use the machine that way (there will be a slight degradation of speed, more noticeable with higher-end, more powerful programs), or take it to an AASP (Authorized Apple Service Provider) to see it there is a repair available.