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hey everybody,

I've get a new iPod Touch (16gb) yesterday and was looking forward to listen to music on it, but there is a big problem. I have a pc with windows xp and itunes is not recognising the ipod. Everytime i connect the ipod with my pc, itunes reports: "itunes couldn't connect with the iPhone "", because of an unknown error (0xE8000001)"
First i even couldn't use the ipod, so i searched in the internet and connected it to the mac of my friend. that was no problem. the mac recognised the ipod and activated it without any problems.
Hopefully i connected the ipod with my pc at home, but nothing had changed. now i can use the ipod to surf the web and so on, which operates perfectly, but the error message still appears in itunes, so i have no chance to load music on the ipod. I have already tried to connect the ipod with every other usb access i have, reseted it a few times and uninstalled itunes. Nothing changed.
I have all requirements which are needed. I am at a loss.
Can someone help me?? I would really appreciate it



P.S: I am german, so sorry for mistakes with my english

Windows XP
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    I am having the exact same problem, except I am running on a snow G3 iMac. I plugged in my iPod touch, iTunes gave me that message. I have the latest versions of iTunes and Mac OS X 10.4. Finally I restarted the computer, then iTunes opened and let me set up the iPod. It began syncing my music, but when it was on about the 47th song (out of over 1300), iTunes locked up. Each time I reboot the computer , iTunes works with the touch to copy about 20 songs, then freezes.

    If anyone knows what that error message means, please do post!
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    hey, same problem, only on a G3 ibook.
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    Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions.


    Try working through the following two articles:


    Hope that helps.


    Aaron and macgirl77, neither of your Macs have USB2.0 which unfortunately is one of the requirements for the +iPod touch+. It seems that after a short period of syncing correctly on USB1.1 it fails.





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    I habe already done everything, which stands there and I also habe an USB2.0 Port, so there shouldn't be any Problem, but the error message from iTunes does still appear...i have no Idea what i
    could try next...
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    A little remark:
    I have connected my old iPod-Mini (4gb) with my PC and it does appear as a device and not in the USB devices like the iPod touch. However the ipod mini is correctly recognized in itunes and everything works fine. I hope this is helpful.
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    I was having the same problem but what I made was:
    Conect iPod Touch into a USB port but from the back of the PC
    Then *shut dawn* the iPod no lock *shut dawn*
    then reinstall iTunes (it has to be iTunes 7.5 o later)
    open iTunes
    turn on iPod Touch
    and it most work
    o restart your PC and try again