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hey everybody,

I've get a new iPod Touch (16gb) yesterday and was looking forward to listen to music on it, but there is a big problem. I have a pc with windows xp and itunes is not recognising the ipod. Everytime i connect the ipod with my pc, itunes reports: "itunes couldn't connect with the iPhone "", because of an unknown error (0xE8000001)"
First i even couldn't use the ipod, so i searched in the internet and connected it to the mac of my friend. that was no problem. the mac recognised the ipod and activated it without any problems.
Hopefully i connected the ipod with my pc at home, but nothing had changed. now i can use the ipod to surf the web and so on, which operates perfectly, but the error message still appears in itunes, so i have no chance to load music on the ipod. I have already tried to connect the ipod with every other usb access i have, reseted it a few times and uninstalled itunes. Nothing changed.
I have all requirements which are needed. I am at a loss.
Can someone help me?? I would really appreciate it



P.S: I am german, so sorry for mistakes with my english

Windows XP