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Does anyone know what is the "Other" category that appears on iTunes on the summary screen for the Apple TV being synced with it? I am referring to the screen that shows how much space you are occupying with video (blue bar), music (purple bar), photos (yellow bar), this other category (orange bar), and how much free space you have (white bar). It never bothered me, but recently it swelled to 4.81 GB (what is a lot for my 40 GB Apple TV).

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.1), Mac Mini Intel running iTunes 7.5 syncing with 40GB AppleTV software v 1.1
  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,576 points)
    These are simply hidden files necessary for the running of your tv, whilst I have no idea what they are specifically I assume they are databases which keep track of media you are syncing/streaming.

    Like most databases they likely become burdened with redundant information from time to time, if this bothers you, you can likely reduce the size of these files files by restoring and resyncing everything again.
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    I came on here looking at how to clear that "other" section out.

    I personally don't think they're any kind of necessary files. From what I can tell, if a sync is interrupted or fails, the portion of whatever file you were transferring at the time is thrown to the "other" category.

    The only way I've figured out how to clear it is to reset my AppleTV to factory defaults, which is annoying because I then have to re-synch 40GB of info onto it.

    I wish Apple would support the AppleTV and fix annoying issues such as this.
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    If I reset to factory defaults, will I also have to update the Apple TV software again (i.e. to get YouTube access)? Or does it just wipe the media storage partition, which requires re-syncing but does not affect the OS partition?

    After a few days of setting up my Apple TV I noticed that the "other" category is growing slowly but surely. Obviously at some point soon I will want to fix this as it will start to impinge on space available for actual media, which is supposed to be the point of this device. Seems to me like a lazy oversight on Apple's part.
  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,576 points)
    I'd try restarting first, then you could try turning off the sync and turning it back on again before doing a full restore.