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The picture and sound my Apple TV are out of sync by several seconds. THese are on items that have been copied to Apple TV as opposed to streaming from iTunes. Anyone have experience with this? What's the solution?


HP dv1000, Windows XP
  • Simon Teale Level 5 Level 5 (4,680 points)
    What format were the original items ?
    What frame rate are they in the original ?

    What format are they on the AppleTV (H264 video AAC audio is the most common, but there are others) ?
    What is the video frame rate now ?

    Most out of syncs come from an imperfect attempt to encode for AppleTV. ie. DVD frame rate is 29.97fps. Many encode this to 30fps. So the movie plays 0.1% too fast, too little for you to notice, but at the end of a 100 minute film, the audio is 6 seconds out of sync with the video. Or 3 seconds on a 45 minute TV show.
    Also check the source. I'd had DVDs (Alien Resurrection) jump 10 seconds out of sync in the middle of the movie. Back to the shop for that one.
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    This was a direct download from iTunes, synced with my Apple TV. I've had the problem with previous downloads from iTunes as well.
  • Simon Teale Level 5 Level 5 (4,680 points)
    Hoping you have QuickTime Player installed on XP.

    If you Show Movie Properties, what are the video and audio encoded with ? ie. MPEG Level 3 for audio, H264 for video ?

    If you Show Movie Info, what is the frame rate ? 23.97 ? 23.98 ? 29.97 ?
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    I noticed it too. any ideas? it kinda bugs
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    If the files are from itms and play fine in itunes then the problem is not one of encoding. Is your audio handled by your tv or do you use a separate audio system.

    Try restarting the tv or resyncing the files.
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    I had the same problem with TV shows purchased on itunes. How do you resync to Apple TV? Does resetting Apple TV automatically erase the content there? Thanks,