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Can it be done? i have had my mac since before OS X existed and i dont use OS 9 or classic anymore, its taking up hard drive space i could use for something better. any way to kill it without wiping the drive and starting over?

G4 Quicksilver 2Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Yes. From your Hard Drive move the folder Applications (Mac OS 9) to the trash. Open the folder called System Folder (the one with the '9' on it) and put the System and the Finder files on your desktop. Then put the folder in the trash. Put the two files in the trash. Put the alias folder Desktop (Mac OS 9) in the trash. Empty the trash. You will find that the above does not save significant hard drive space if that's what you're after. And then one day you'll get an application that runs on Classic and you can't run it. You might want to reconsider and just keep it the way it is.

    Oops it says you are running 10.5.1 on your Mac. If so you can't run Classic anyway so you might as well trash it.

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