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Sometimes when I turn on my computer I get a pop up that says my USB is using too much power and it will now deactivate. I think it's the right one on my macbook pro. Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1), 2007
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    What's plugged in there?
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    this happens to me as well. I am attempting to pull data off of my friend's portable hard drive. He has a 17 inch macbook pro and I have a 15 inch. I have used his hard drive before. However, now, it tells me that the device is drawing too much power. This is when nothing else is plugged in (except the power cord.) Any suggestions? The hard drive does not require its own power source besides the USB connection.
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    I've found that newer Apple laptops have much more conservative limits on the output current of their USB ports. To be fair, the problem drives probably do not meet USB specifications. There are USB cables that have 2 USB A plugs to provide additional power (see photo below). Try one of these if you have or can get one. Otherwise a powered (comes with it's own brick) USB hub will do the trick.

    USB Cable with 2 A plugs
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