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Well, there is nothing wrong with my iPod, I've only got a few songs on it (Almost 600) but I was just wondering if I were to get a song with a virus on it and didn't know and put put the song on my iPod Classic what would happen? Would anything happen at all? Some things I've read have said nothing will happen and other things I've read said it'll mess up the iPod since it has a hard drive just like a computer (I'm not sure if that's true)

Also, I know nothing about iPods or viruses. I've had an iPod nano before getting the Classic I have now but I still don't know a lot.



Windows XP, iPod Classic 80GB
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    The Classic iPods do have a hard drive just like computers, only smaller in physical size. If you hold your Classic up to your ear and skip ahead a couple of songs, you will be able to hear it spinning.

    Any electronic device that has a way to import stuff and runs sofware is theoretically at risk of being infected by a virus. In reality, it's probably highly unlikely. There's no money to made, which is what is behind most malicious code these days. I'm not concerned.