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Don't know if I'm posting in the correct place but I own an 80gb ipod Classic and I wish to purchase a compatible docking station (reasonable price).

I'd like it to have fully working functions like: Alarm that wakes up with ipod music, maybe ID tag display, and even video output??

Is there a docking station on the market at the moment that does all this?

I purchased the iLuv i199BLK but have recently taken it back because the video output didn't work and also the alarm didn't work with my ipod, I was informed that it's because it's made for the 5th generation ipods.

I have purchased another docking station today the inMotion im600 Altec Lansing and the Alarm function doesn't appear to be working on this model either? Am I doing something wrong? or which Docking Station do I require?


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    Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. The iPod Classic has not been out for too long, and I don't think companies have had time to catch up. I don't know where you purchase your products from, but maybe the Apple Store (online) can give you some insight as to which ones can utilize the Alarm and Video for you.
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    The IM600 video output does not work with the Ipod classic (6th generation). I have tried with my new 80 GB Ipod, and it does not work. Interestingly, the user manual I downloaded from the Altec Lansing website says the IM600 is "made for" the Ipod classic. The picture of the back view of the unit on their site that shows the yellow video output exists, but the manual makes no mention of it. I liked the IM600, but now I am quite dissatisfied and question the integrity of the company. I have read that the new classic now requires a $49 cable from Apple which has a chip in it allowing videos to be played. Unless AL would make something to plug into the video output that would work like the apple cable, the video out feature is useless for new Ipod owners.
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    I am having the same problem with my Ipod classic 80gb. It worked once on my sisters docking station with the video output to the tv, but since I have bought a docking station I cannot get any video output only sound onto my tv.

    Do I need a specific docking station, cables or is it a glitch on the ipod?
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    Isn't it a shame that you've plopped down $350 for a unit that has been purposely crippled?

    First, forget video out with a portable DVD player or anything else for that matter unless you purchase the AV component cable from Apple for $49. Apple has incorporated an Authentication chip in the Classic.

    Second, you will have to set the alarm in the iPod and send the Audio to your alarm clock (setting it's alarm seperately) via the 3.5mm jack. Those units that have a dock connector have reports of not being able to "wake" the iPod.