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I have a MacBook running Leopard and a desktop running Tiger. I see the Tiger machine in the Shared list of the MacBook finder, and I can see my account's Drop Box. From the MacBook, I'm connected as Guest (not signed in) and can drag files to the account's drop box. It warns me about not being able to see the files I drop in there. I click on OK. The file appears to have copied because I can't copy the same file again. There is a warning about the file already existing.

I physically go to the desktop machine, but there is no Drop Box in my home account. Where's the file? I can't find it using Spotlight on the desktop. I go back to the MacBook and sign on. This time, I can see my desktop account's home directory contents, but the drop box is still not there. If I sign off, I still can't overwrite the file in the drop box.

So, how do I get access to the file that's in networking Purgatory?

Santa Rosa MacBook, Windtunnel G4, Mac OS X (10.5.1)