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I use two computers, both PCs. I open Itunes, and my ipod shows as contents 150+ podcast episodes. My iTunes podcast directory has about ten less subscriptions because its older.

It seem that my only option is to resubscribe to every individual podcast, take separate notes on which ones that I've listened to already, then manually delete them from the itunes podcast listing.

I've tried using 'export' from the computer with the newer subscriptions, and 'import' on the old computer, but it just makes new playlists with about 5 of the podcast episodes in it.

I've tried drag and drop, it gives me the little circle with the slash through it. I've tried moving over files through windows explorer... I don't know what to do, it seems like it should be a piece of cake, but nothing is working.

Is it even possible to reverse sync from the ipod to itunes?

intel, Windows XP Pro
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    Podcasts subscriptions and working with two computers don't work well together when trying to keep them the same between computers. In order to manage iPod between two computers you need to be in manual manage mode on the iPod. Each iTunes needs its own subscription to the podcasts and has to download the episodes on each computer. At this point you can do the drag-and-drop from iTunes to iPod. Going the other way is not allowed.
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    Well, I hear your response, and it confirms what I understand about the issue. I'm trying to understand how it's "Not allowed." Usually Not Allowed would preface a rule to prevent some sort of disorder. However it seems that moving something as simple as a url subscription from the ipod to an itunes program would be a simple matter and would not require any code of ethics.

    Now it may be that it has yet to be part of the itunes program, but it certainly should be, or perhaps there is some sort of work-around.

    You see, on my computer with the latest subscriptions, iTunes does not properly sync the podcasts for which I have subscriptions, but just 'renews' al;l the podcasts I have already listened to, and my older subscriptions iTunes seems to function a little better for whatever reason.
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    BY not allowed I mean iTunes does not support the feature.

    I have found best way to handle podcast is to set retention in iTunes to keep all, on iPod to keep all, and downlaod all. When down listening to podcast I delete from iTunes whic then deleted from iPod at next sync.
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    Hey thanks. I've been trying to find other programs that can do this, but there aren't any. It would be nice if they could get that handled, though, it seems like an important feature that should be fairly easy. Here's to hoping!