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I'm at wit's end here, my new 160 GB iPod is not being recognized by iTunes, on both my laptop and destop. This is after I had accidentally disconnected during it's first syncing, then iTunes froze during the second try. Now it is only recognized by Windows, not iTunes. Every time I reconnect it by USB cable, Windows suggests that I do a Disk Check on it because it was disconnected during an operation, but when I do this, it says it can't do a Disk Check because it is in use by another program (??).

Is there any way to restore the iPod to its factory settings without using iTunes, as it seems that that is not an option for me? I don't really care about having to erase what few songs made it during the sync, I just want to be able to use it properly.

HP Pavillion Notebook, Windows Vista
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    I had exactly the same problem - and came across your post when trying to find a solution. IN the end I solved it myself. I managed to get iTunes to recognise the iPod by opening it as a normal hard drive under Windows and then renaming the iTunes database file. I believe it is that file which was corrupted - iPod_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB

    After that I restarted everything and it worked fine, allowing me to restore.