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I know my 80BG iPod Classic actually had like 74GB but I know that the 6GB was taken by the operating and file system formatting. So I was wondering how much the 8GB actually has. I just recently bought my iPod Classic and I don't like that it has a hard drive and not flash memory and I know everyone says you might as well get the 16GB because "once the 8BG is full you'll be sorry" but on my iPod Classic now I have like 600 songs and TV shows and music videos and its only taken up 3.6GB and I only listen to my iPod at school and stuff like that so I really think 8BG will be enough so that's why I want to know how much memory the iPod Touch actually has.

And one more thing (Sorry) if I transfer everything I have on my Classic now will it take up the same exact amount on the Touch? Will it be a little more or less?

Windows XP, iPod Classic 80GB