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Like most got a new ipod Nano 8Gb for Christmas and I had previously installed Itunes and Quicktime to the latest versions. I hooked up the ipod and it was recognized and it said it wanted to update to version 103 which i allowed it to do.

A bar came up and started going across and I let it go and after 5 minutes it was still going and then after 15 minutes it was still going but I could tell that nothing was happening. (apple if you read these forums how about changing your updates so a percentage is given). I disconnected the player and had to end the task on Itunes to get it to close and then I hooked up the ipod and this time it went into itunes and synced and seemed to copy the 6 albums I had in there.

I then decided to put a couple more albums on, but when I told it to sync this time the software couldn't find the device and I was given an error. The long and short of this is the device will sync initially and download *Music only* as any of the other checkmarked items will not download, but after the initial syncing anything else added to itunes will not sync or update again.

I've also noted that anytime you change a setting in the itunes by putting a check mark in the box eg. such as podcasts, movies, outlook and so on the next time the ipod is plugged in none of these items are checked.

I've come to the conclusion that Apple didn't do much testing on this device and so far i'm not very impressed and will most likely take the product back for a refund. How can Apple expect people to do all these things I've been reading about to try and fix the many problems that seem to plague this new Nano 3rd Gen unit?

Does anyone from apple read these forums and know what's going on?

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  • Dave_Beaudoin Level 2 Level 2 (210 points)
    Well i've tried a few things that haven't done anything.

    - 1 reinstalled Itunes but this did nothing to help
    - I tried to restore the unit but got the dreaded 1418 error

    I do have a question though when I plug my ipod in i hear it connect and it shows a USB mass storage device down in the taskbar which i can click on and see that it is the ipod usb device but if I look under My Computer there is nothing in there. So my question is should there be a device in my computer and should I see the device down in the taskbar?
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    Just as an experiment, try installing Winamp plus the I-pod plug-in from mlipod.sourceforge.net. I suspect that is ITunes the faulty piece of sh.. Not the I-pod itself.

    Let us know.