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I don't know where the exact problem is, but the problem is, that my Alarm does not play a certain playlist I made in Itunes.

So I make this playlist, sync it to my ipod, go to clock>Newyork>Alarm clock> Alarm>on
Time> doesnt matter (say 3:19)
Sound> My mix4

At 319 my ipod awakens from sleep. BUT it doesnt Play my playlist!

So I try it again, foward the clock two minutes, and with instead of the original playlist, a different one, say my mix5. And 2 minutes later it works.

I retry the original playlist, fails.

So I go to Itunes delete the non working playlist, and create a new one, adding the same tracks, different order. Sync-not work!!!

The Catch" the playlist was voice memos that recorded and PLAY on my Ipod and itunes, just not with the alarm clock.

So I added a non-voice memo song to the playlist(of voice memos), and tried to Alarm it, and it played, showing, the one non-memo song as the only song in the playlist, but if I go to music>Playlists>mymix4 on my ipod it shows ALL the songs, including voice memos.

Macbook (black), Mac OS X (10.5.1), 2 gb ram