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I have a linux server in my living room running Samba. Windows can play with it just fine (read & write)

However, when I'm on my macbook I can only read from the share, whenever I try to write to it I get this extremely vague and irritating error message

You cannot copy the item "Flip4Mac WMV.mpkg" because the name is too long or includes characters that the disk cannot display.

Now replace Flip4Mac WMV.mpkg with the name of every file I have ever tried to do this with.

Also a note, this only happens when I drag and drop into the finder window. If I use Cyberduck I can sftp into it just fine and have full read/write access. This is also the same linux/samba user that I use on windows and have full read / write priv. So I don't think that my linux permissions are the problem.

Macbook 2.2ghz 4gb ram 200gb 7200 rpm hdd, Mac OS X (10.5.1)