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I recently bought a Behringer Xenyx 1622fx mixer to use with my garage band in order to record guitar, etc. However, when I record with garage band the volume is extremely low despite turning everything up all the way. Is there any remedy to this problem? When I play music however, from my Itunes through my mixer into headphones the volume is perfect, so I don't think it is a hardware issue. Is it most likely a mixer issue, or a garage band issue, or a mixture of the two. Thanks for the help!

Power Book, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Here are some question that you must seek answer in the process you may find your problem:

    How is your track input volume when you record?

    How is your mixer output volume when you record?

    If you import a song into GB do you have the same problem?
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    My track input volume when I record is at its maximum when I record, as is the mixer output volume because I just cannot get much sound of the playback from GB. When I import a song from my itunes, however, the volume is nice and loud. It is also notable, that when I play my guitar through the mixer, I have to crank the volume all the way to make it register on the LED/clip light indicator. This is reflected when I go to my Mac's system preferences for sound, and the input level for the mixer only registers when the input and output volumes are maxed out. Could this a defective preamp issue? Or is it most likely a mixer setup issue?
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    What output on the mixer are you plugging into the usb interface?

    What input channels have you tried (mono) 1 or 2 or (stereo) 1/2?
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    eliebmann wrote:
    My track input volume when I record is at its maximum when I record,

    I want to know when you record the meter on your real instrument track go how high?
    That is your input signal. If it don't go up the problem is on the input side of GB.

    Do you have a control panel for your USB mixer interface?

    Describe your setup from your instrument to the computer.
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    The USB interface is connected to the mixer by RCA cables that are plugged into the mixer's tape/CD out and connect to the interface's corresponding in jacks. There is another set of RCA's connected from the mixers tape/CD in to the interface's out jacks that the manual recommends so you can monitor through headphone jack on the mixer what is being recorded.

    I have tried both mono channels as well as the stereo channel, all resulting in a very low volume play back of instrument recording on GB. It is also worth noting that when I click on the track info on GB, not matter what channel I am using, I cannot adjust the volume of the monitor.

    I also played around with Audacity, and had the same problem as GB.
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    When I record, the meter for my real instrument track will not go beyond 20 unless I crank up the volume all the way on the corresponding track, the main mix, as well as turning up the trim. When these adjustments are made, the signal will reach about 4 on the upper half of the meter, however I have yet to make it max out. It seems odd that I should have to turn everything up to get a substantial signal. When I record on to garage band, I can get it to record some what loudly (still not adequate volume) however, when I play it back it is basically a whisper.

    The USB interface has no control panel of its own, it is a very simple design. It literally is a small box with two sets of RCA jacks, one input and one output. It has not external volume control or any other dials. It is also has no settings accessible through the audio system preferences, input selection screen.

    My set up includes a guitar plugged into the line in 1 jack. I usually press the "main" button next to the slider that controls the volume for this track so it can be heard in the main mix and be dually controlled by the main mix slider. The USB interface is connected to the mixer through its CD/input out RCA jacks and connects to the interface's in jacks. This connection is done from mixer RCA output to interface input to guarantee the ability to monitor computer recording through the headphone jack on the mixer. When recording I press the main and Cd/Tape "source" buttons in order to select, well a source for the recording.The "CD/tape to main mix" button is pressed during play back to in order to make what was recording audible from the mixer.
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    You only have RCA jack on your interface?
    If not I would reconmand using the output 1/4 of the console you should get more power from them
    than from RCA out.
    But that way it would probably mess with your monitoring, but worth the try.

    Or you can test with an «Y» 2 mono to stério cable adapter from the main out of the consol to the
    line In of your computer. This is for testing the output level.

    For the wispering thing when you got a good input volume have you try making it play through out the computer to double ckeck it?
    By the way I think that trim don't work for line input, I may be mistaken but I think it is only the XLR input that is afected by the trim.

    Or before trying all this try recording with a mic pluged in.