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Two questions for anyone who might be able to help.

1) I've imported my CD collection into itunes. Most CDs came in just fine, however some came in in pieces.

One CD, Brand New Heavies, imported into my iTunes library so each individual song is in its own separate album. All songs still retain the proper CD cover artwork and are shown to have been imported from the same CD, but each song is shown as a separate album in the "album view" window.

Another imported CD ended up being split in half. Two albums with the same artwork and title, but with only half the songs on each album.

My question is, can I avoid this when importing, and if not, can I fix it after importing? Is there a way to move songs from one album to another?

2) I have many recordings of my own music that are scattered about on many CDs and tapes. When I import them, they also come in as one song per album. How can I create or allot one album as the main location for these songs and then transport them all into that one location?

I guess what I really want to figure out is how to move songs from one album location to another album location?

Thanks, Peter

G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)