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Rohin Hattiangadi Level 1 (75 points)
I recently upgraded from OS X server 10.1.4 to 10.4.2 (Tiger Server) - I used to be able to check all user's pop mailbox accounts and status (read/unread) of their messages... and most importantly monitor the amount of spam they were receiving etc.
I used to do this by logging into the IMAP admin account over port 626...

This seems to have completely broken in Tiger?

Can anyone please give me a "ground up" explanation of how to get this working again in Tiger? Thanks - Rohin
  • Max Distefano Level 1 (5 points)

    My experience is that this is also broken in OS X Server 10.3.x, which I am using.

    Have you received a response? It' s annoying at best to have to rebuild the cyrus mailboxes through the command line.

  • Rohin Hattiangadi Level 1 (75 points)

    Thanks for the feedback - I upgraded directly from 10.1 to 10.4 - so apparently as per your email these changes took place in 10.3 (which I skipped entirely)

    You are right on in that the only apparent "fix" is to work via "shared mailboxes" mode in Cyrus.

    I am looking at p 579 in the excellent Mac OS X Panther server administration guide (O' Reilly)

    Will give it a try, and then post the "solution" for everyone, if I find it.. give me a day or two
  • Rohin Hattiangadi Level 1 (75 points)

    So the commands listed in the 10.3 Panter Server Guide Don't work?! I assume this is because the version and manner in which Cyrus was pre-installed in Tiger is slightly different from what the (optional) Panther Cyrus install did.

    Anyone possibly give me advise as to how the admin my cyrus mailbox?? i.e. I guess it must be the $cyradm command, but I am totally confused as to syntax and usage...

    Help would be most appreciated. Thks - Rohin
  • Rohin Hattiangadi Level 1 (75 points)

    Apparently the binary is not defined in my standard executable path...
    For all OS X Tiger users, you will need to either add this to your path, or simply type :-

    /usr/bin/cyrus/admin/cyradm -u USERNAME -server YOURSERVER

    cyradm is in the directory /usr/bin/cyrus/admin/
  • Rohin Hattiangadi Level 1 (75 points)
    After benefiting from everyone's inputs, I finally have a chance to contribute a little to the community.

    This will Restore the IMAP Administrator Mail functionality, allowing you as administrator to easily check the mail in other users mailboxes through the standard Apple Mail.app Mail application - This is very useful for regulating the influx of spam etc. etc.
    (for example - you can forward any spam you find in users mailboxes that was not correctly identified as spam to junkmail@yourserverhere.com - and the email program will automatically use the forwarded emails in this mailbox at 1am the following morning to "spam" train itself. Also items that are incorrectly identified as spam can be forwarded to notjunkmail@yourserverhere.com)

    Important! These simple instructions will work perfectly on a STANDARD "Out of the box" Apple Mac OS X Tiger installation with no tweaks - the benefit will be to all users like myself who are NOT proficient in Unix.

    Step one:-
    Run the workgroup manager application, and add a new user account - for this example we will use the username "MAILADMIN". Also make sure you take note of the password entered as you will need this later. Make sure that mail is ENABLED (Pop & Imap) for this user. Save settings

    Imp!! Also make sure that Imap & Pop Mail option is selected for all users (i.e. Not just Pop)

    Step two:-
    add the username MAILADMIN to the admins: line in the file /etc/imapd.conf
    i.e. it should read admins: cyrus MAILADMIN

    You can use emacs - i.e. emacs /etc/imapd.conf

    Step three:-
    From server admin application - stop mail.. wait thirty seconds... and then start mail

    Step four:-
    Using "Terminal" (in Applications/Utilities folder) you will need to configure Cyrus

    Type the following :-
    /usr/bin/cyrus/admin/cyradm -u MAILADMIN -server YOURMAILSERVERHERE.com (Both Password and IMAP Password are the SAME as you entered for User Mailadmin in Step one)
    sam user/* mailadmin lrswipcda
    (Type exit until you exit the Cyrus application)

    ** The above gives the account "mailadmin" ALL rights to ALL the various mailboxes that are stored in the user/ mail directory **

    Step five:-
    From server admin application - stop mail.. wait thirty seconds... and then start mail
    ** Upon restarting mail, your new mailbox settings take effect **

    Step six:-
    In the "Mail" program (i.e. the standard Mac OS X Mail.app)add a new Imap Account.
    Username is "MAILADMIN"
    password is same as entered earlier

    In the Advanced Tab - Make sure "Enable this account" is checked
    MOST IMPORTANT - Make sure the "Automatically synchronize changed mailboxes" button is checked. This tells your Mail program to automatically check all the assorted mailboxes to which you have just granted yourself permissions to in Step 2.
    Also the port is the standard port 143 (Imap) - NOT 626 as in older versions of OS X server.

    Voila! Easy access to all user mailboxes via your standard Mail application - Enjoy! =) - Rohin