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I was curious if maybe you know the answer to this question- How long does it take for a brand new podcast, once submitted to iTunes, to appear in the podcast section of iTunes? Does it really take 5 days? And, will I receive an email once it's on there? Thanks!


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    I sent in a podcast Dec.17 and received an approval email from Apple the next day. Later that day it was in iTunes.
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    Yes it may be approved and will be up on itune but users of itune won't be able to find your podcast. it may not even show up in the category let alone users being able to find it by putting keywords related to your podcast. It's buggy.

    Users can type all the words in your podcast feed and still your podcast won't come up.

    Same bugs are still there in itunes when using it for podcasting which were three years ago. ie. approval takes time..category listing takes time or may never happen..search listing takes time or may never happen.

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    I found the answer to this question after doing two podcasts.

    It takes about week and half to be fully listed. When you first submit you receive an automated email. Emailed to the email address of your podcast feed. Then your podcast page is created for itune store and you receive another email that it's approved. You should receive this email sometimes two days after you received the first but it still won't be browse able until another few weeks(ie. listed in category). In the mean time don't remove your podcast feed file from your hosting account and don't make changes which will change the link to the feed you submitted.

    The only other part I couldn't figure out was why podcasts episodes don't come up when keywords from episode sections of podcast feed are typed in itune search box.

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