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in order to work with "the Gimp" I have installed X11 application yesterday on my iMac, not the best think I have done but... Os X reinstalled box version of my iMac 20" and then upgraded automatically to X.4.11, with all security, java, quicktime upgrades.
This morning I wanted to print with my Photosmart 8050 but no printing drivers where found. so I reinstalled it, once with printer connected with USB the other without.
Conclusion, same issue, I have in my printing menu, no way to change aper settings nor color setting, it look like a standard windows. Moreover, there is a strikedthrough item called "HP Photosmart PDE", when I click on it it says "this application is not compatible with your computer, ask your printer vendor to give you a good version." and it prints bellow "3.1" twice.
I have read in main post that 3.3 version of driver is included in Mac Os 10.4, so whats going up? Why my system was not able to find the printer from scratch after refresh this morning, why isn't there any better version than 3.1 in HP's web site? When I ask for an update in HP, it says there is not update for my system.
I trashed pref, restarted several time, refresh printing spool, reinstalled several time, but still nothing help in choosing paper or color like before.

I can still print without any control of previous item, .... but this is not the best of work. fortunately it is a home desktop... and I am not printing everyday, but...it is new year's time, and I have to print the card....

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards and very best wishes for this new year,

G4 PCI 400, iMac C2D, Mac Mini G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)