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Having spent half an hour or so checking various preference panes, I am now really curious if there is a way to set a default font in Pages other than Helvetica 12. I am almost sure (don't really remember now) there was an easy way to do that in the previous version, but now either I am lost in this new modern world or it is gone, which is really shame, because I sorta dislike the default font.


iMac G5 (ALS) 1.8, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Open a new document and adjust the settings to how you want (includes page margins, font colour, text etc etc). Then 'File>Save As Template...' This will allow you to save the template under the heading 'My Templates'.

    Now here's how to set it as the default template. Go to 'Preferences' and under 'General' you can either select a new document to show the template chooser, alternatively you can 'Choose' which template you want to default to. Select your desired template and all new documents will now open with this template.

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    I had the same Q as Tochka... Thanks, Stu ;o)>>>
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    Hi, yes, I'm coming up against this as well: when creating charts all the legends etc. come up in Helv. 12. This can be changed in Font window, but doesn't seem to qualify as a 'style'. But where can this default font be changed?

    I tried creating a document with my preferred fonts in use in a chart and saved it as a template, but when creating a new chart in a new doc based on that template, the legends all default to Helv 12 again!

    Any ideas?
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    How do I do this for a page-layout document? Until I create a text-box, the font pull down is disabled. If I create a text box and change its font, the next text-box will go back to being Helvetica.
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    I was able to do it by creating a new style. I inserted a text box, typed some text, changed the font to Times, then clicked on the Character Style None, and select Create New Character Style From Selection. I named the style Text Box Times. Whenever I create a new text box, which reverts back to Helvetica, I select the text and click on my new style.

    This isn't as good a solution as being to change the font globally, but it works.