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I need some help, I want to show a picture of my wife when the phone rings. I have liked the photo corrected, but when the phone rings either the photo does not show up, or it is in the background of the options like the HLO, SPEAKER, etc...........does anyone know how to do this correctly?



IBM, Windows XP
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    When you go into your contacts....tap on the 'edit' button in the upper right-hand corner. Then next to the name of your contact....there is an 'add photo' option.....tap that and you can add your wifes photo....it will allow you to take a photo or to choose an existing photo (as long as you have one stored).

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    Also you can set a photo in your address book if your on a Mac, or Outlook if your on a PC. WIth this method you'll get the smaller pic like you've seen in the commercials.
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    am I correct on saying that if I have a picture of someone in my contacts on my mac this appears as a small photo during a call on the iPhone ,but if I have them only stored in the iPhone the picture will appear larger?
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    Yes and no, if you set the photo to one of your contacts on you Mac and sync that contact the pic will show up small. If you set a photo to a contact directly on the phone (editing that persons contact in the phone) then that set photo will show up larger. I do believe, of after you sync your phoe to your computer, it will add set photo from the phone to your contacts. If you change or alter them in anyway, even once synced back, they will still show up larger.