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Since you people have been such a great help this weekend, and I've had this thing less than a week, I'm hoping someone can help me again. When I go to album view and flip through my albums horizontally, my iPod Touch suddenly goes back to the main screen. I was flipping through songs (in the vertical screen) and it just did the same thing. So I went to my album list, selected an album and a song and it started to play. Within a few seconds it returned to the main screen again. What gives? I'm not even touching the screen when it does this.


Dell, Windows XP
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    It's called "crashing". A very common problem. A restore will help but not fix
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    this means the music player application crashed. its not a big deal, you just have to restart it.
    it happens from time to time, the touch still has some crashing problems mostly due to memory overflow or something. if it happens often, try shutting down the ipod completly and then turning it back on, thus freeing the memory. this should help.

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    Crash bad! I was kinda hoping a $400 gizmo wouldn't do that but I guess nothing's perfect. One thing I did do was to unplug it from my pc in case iTunes was causing it to do this. It works fine now but I hope it doesn't persist. I know how first generation next generation electronics can be.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Your welcome

    Happy new year
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    Hello, I understand that the iTouch has some crashing issues... But I don't even think that's the problem with my iPod Touch. My iPod has gotten so bad that I can hardly do anything with it. Its like every 5-10 seconds the iPod goes back to the main screen. I've noticed that it only seems to happen when I'm on the Internet or on Youtube.
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    Do a restore