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I cannot seem to figure this out. I have Windows XP Professional, and within iTunes, I have no way of downloading my Camera Roll to my PC. I can sync the picture folders I have on my PC, but that won't help me get the photos off (unless I'm misunderstanding something).

I've seen some posts about having the iPhone set up as a Scanner/Camera, but I'm not able to do this, nor do I have any icons open in My Computer to allow me to browse my iPhone. So please help, I seem to be out of options. Is there a driver I need to install, or some other program (other than Jailbreak, which I understand might brick my phone) that I can use?

Please and thank you!

PC, Windows XP Pro
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    Just some more info. On looking at my Device Manager, I see under IMAGING DEVICES a "Digital Still Camera" that isn't installed properly. I've since removed that, and after scanning for h/w changes, the iPhone comes up... but it doesn't last, reverting back to this still non-working Digital Still Camera. Is there a driver I can use for support?

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    On XP, as with other devices, a small pop up should come up asking what you would like to do, as for me, I can select the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard, among other things. It appears in My Computer as a digital camera. If yours doesn't appear like this, you may need to restore...Not too sure though.
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    Yeah my Digital Still Camera seems to have not been installed properly. So is this me uninstalling, and re-installing iTunes? Or something else?
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    I don't know if it is an issue with iTunes, but it could possibly work...best bet is restoring your iPhone. iTunes should make a back up of all your data on there, including texts, phone numbers, settings, etc. before doing a restore,
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    at least you got further than i did! i have a similar problem - my problem is that the iphone doesn't appear in my Scanner & Camera section of the Control Panel. When i click on Add Device, it asks for driver. it doesn't not automatically show. it syncs fine with itunes and everything else. any advice? thx! while there isn't an error under Device Mgr = imaging devices, i simply don't see iphone there!
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    see if this works,

    Click on My Computer
    Scroll Down the Page to where it saids Cameras and Scanners
    Double Click on the iphone camera Icon
    On the left hand side click on Get pictures from camera. and just follow the instructions. let me know if it does or not work.
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    thanks so much... this was very helpful.... it worked...!!!!
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    I am having teh same issue. My PC will only see the iphone as a generic camera and when I rescan- it will not hold as an iPhone.

    Your instructions said "Click on my computer/ scroll down..."

    I am missing something. I can open properties of my computer or open teh object- but the only place I see anything remotely like "cameras and Scanners" in in the control panel- which shows no installed cameras. I have just reinstalled iTunes with no impact.

    Did I miss something here? I have about 150 pictures and I REALLY do not want to email them one at a time.

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    On my XP I had to go Start / Control Panel / Scanners & Cameras / you can then see the iphone logo to double click on.
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    Just to share what I did, for people that have future problems:

    I must have had some sort of driver that was conflicting with the iPhone. Once I whittled down to the bare essentials on boot-up, the iPhone was detected properly and I was able to access it no problem to retrieve pictures.

    I used MSCONFIG to help pick what should start up, and have been in the clear since then. I think it was a Logitech web cam driver that was causing the conflict, but I'll never know.