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Mike Markovsky Level 1 Level 1
I have a Mac Mini and tried to put OS10.5 onto it. The disc somehow crashed the computer and now all it does it click (as if reading) without ever giving me the option of installing. Does anyone know how to extract the disc when it doesn't come up onto the screen? There doesn't seem to be a small forced eject hole as I've seen in other such products. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Mac Mini
  • Boece Level 5 Level 5
    There is no eject hole.

    Safest method is to hold down your mouse button while the computer starts up, and keep holding it down until it ejects (in 20-40 seconds).

    You'll probably need a wired (not wireless) mouse for this to work.

    (You can force the Mini to turn off by holding down the power button for 5-10 seconds. Obviously only do this if you can't do a normal shutdown.)
  • Brucedes Level 1 Level 1
    If that doesn't work, you can try the following:

    If you're using a G4 mac mini then hold CommandOption+OF when it's booting. When the command prompt shows up type "eject cd" then when the CD comes out type "mac-boot".

    I'm not sure if there's an equivalent on intel macs though...