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After 4 trouble-free months, I've suddenly started getting problems with syncing my iPhone - after a sync, if I highlight my Device, and choose Info, I get an application error:

+*SyncServer.exe - Application Error - the instuction at "0x01681540" referenced memory at "0x01686078". The required data was not placed into memeory because of an I/O error status of "0xc0000015".*+

I tried doing a restore, which really hosed it, now I get an iTunes error when starting iTunes:

+*iTunes could not connect to the iPhone ~ because an unknown error occurred(0xE8000001)*+

Cold booting has not helped. Any ideas? iTunes, iPhone, or Windows issue?

current versions:
iPhone 1.12(2B48b)
XP Pro SP2, all latest fixes, except Java has been nagging me for awhile that an upgrade is available.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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    It appears the folder on my XP PC where I keep photos was corrupt, and would give the application error when trying to select the Info tab. It also was timing out when syncing, and everything but the photos were going over ok, so that is what gave me the clue. Creating a new folder, copying the photos to it, deleting the old folder, and then renaming the new folder to the old name fixed my sync problems.