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David Yeh Level 1 (70 points)
I've decided I use my iDisk public folder often enough that I want to have it always available on my desktop. It is password protected, and I can connect to it easily enough with Go->iDisk->Other User's Public Folder and store the login info in my keychain to autoconnect. I can then put the server icon in my login items folder, and presto, it autoconnects on login. My question is:

Is it possible for it to connect, so that it is immediately available and logged in, but NOT open its window automatically after connection? I tried ticking off the "Hide" button in Login Items, but that doesn't work (I didn't think it would, but it was worth a shot

While I'm here, is there anyway to change the name of the server icon as it displays on my Desktop? Right now it is called <username>-Public, and I just want it to be called Public. Once--and only once-- it actually mounted as "Public", I'm not sure why. I've discovered it is possible to plaster a custom icon on the server icon, so I was hopeful I could somehow assign a custom name as well.


iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,286 points)
    I'm fairly certain you can make an Alias of it to use, and rename the Alias to anything you want. You can also frag it to the Dock between Applications & Trash for a quiker access.

    On the not showing mounted volumes opening in a Window, there were a couple of ways posted in this very Forum a few months ago, but I'm on dial-up and Apple anything is very unfriendly to dial-up... sometimes takes 15 minutes just to login here!
  • David Yeh Level 1 (70 points)
    I did find a thread that stated that a window always opens when a volume is mounted, and the workaround was to make an Applescript to close the window. Not the most elegant, but I suppose it will work.

    As for creating an alias, yes, that will work, but once the volume is mounted, another icon will appear (the "real" item) with whatever name it assigns itself (which is what I'm trying to change). A (again not too elegant) workaround here would be to disable all connected servers showing up on the Desktop, which will just leave the alias displayed.

    Guess I'll use these for now unless anyone else has suggestions!

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    I haven't tried this with an iDisk per se (coz I don't have iDisk), but I have done it with a network mounted volume (Finder | Go | Connect to Server ⌘k or Finder | Go | Network ⇧⌘k), and that is once it's been successfully mounted and you've gotten through the username/password prompts, drag the mounted-on-the-Desktop icon to the Dock, then, in the future, it's simply a double-click operation to mount on demand.
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    ... the workaround was to make an Applescript to close the window.

    I'm thinking there was another way besides that, that just didn't open a window at all, but can't remember enough about it to help you find it.